Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

After the complete shock of having the gorgeous Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of my home town Cambridge, wearing a stunning Sarah Burton dress, of the fashion house of Alexander McQueen, I thought it suitable to post a selection of images I saved on my computer ages ago from the McQueen website. I was so surprised yesterday because I had a post ready for ages and was just waiting to find the right moment to publish it. I feel like one moment in Alexander McQueen's showcase of runway exhibitions was just as unbelievably memorable to the general public as the fact that his name was associated to the wedding of this century. And to start this post off, here is it, from the Spring/Summer of 1999...

Although Alexander McQueen is sadly not with us any longer, his legacy continues through the work of designers such as Sarah Burton at his fashion house. Here are my favourite pieces from the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.

1. Embroided Fin Mini-Dress - £3540.00 - Here.    2. Engineered 3D Koi Jacquard Knit Dress - £895.00 - Here.
3. Tan Folk Medium Tote - £950.00 - Here.    4. Flesh/Ivory Lace Knuckle Box Clutch - £1285.00 - Here.
    5. Red Samurai Skull and Ribbon Silk Scarf - £380.00 - Here.    6. Alexander McQueen Exclusive Multi-Skull Scarf - £290.00 - Here.    7. Military Fern Jacquard Knit Dress - £840.00 - Here.    8. Black Jersey Embroidered Top - £495.00 - Here.    9. Tan 3D Flower Wedge - £625.00 - Here.    10. Ivory Double Buckle Western Belt - £495.00 - Here.     11. Wide Leather Obi Belt - £395.00 - Here.     12. Obi Wallet - £345.00 - Here.


minnja said...

He is always a fashion icon :)

LOVE minnja


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Sara said...

I love it, I wish I owned some of these amazing pieces:)


Ashy Ash said...

mcqueen is a legend!!!


Draffin Bears said...

Alexander McQueen was a genius and sadly missed, but so glad that Sarah Burton has taken over the reigns.
Thank you for sharing a showcase of past runway exhibitions.

Happy weekend

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Need all of it.
strawberry freckleface

Magdalena said...

I will love him forever! His designs were breathtaking! I loved Kate's dress, it was pure perfection! Your pics here are amazing!

Thank you so much for your comment! I like your blog a lot and I will follow!


Sabrina Tassini said...

i love the clutch!!lovee!!:)great post my dear and i find your blog soo nice!
Follow mine if u like it?i'll do the same back!i'd be very happy to follow each other..
i wait u..kiss from Milan!


Unknown said...

Love McQueen, loved Kate Middleton's dress.



Louisa said...

Thanks a lot for your comment! :-)
Wonderful post!


Anonymous said...

Alexander McQueen is amazing and your blog, too! <3
What are you think about to following each other?
I follow you now!<3 Roseakvarts

Cherry said...

I was so glad when she stepped out in McQueen and she looked absolutely beautiful!

Joelle Owusu said...

If only Alexander was still around to see Kate wearing that dress! He would have been really proud!

Vær våken said...

Hi Pippa! Oh yes, I enjoyed the royal wedding so much!!! Beautiful couple! And I liked your posts about the wedding, too! Thanks for your nice comment and have a BEAUTIFUL day! I'll be back!

Stephanie said...

If only all of these weren't so expensive, I love the silk scarfs xx

Unknown said...

Great stuff!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

hes amazing designer

i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check?

the nyanzi report said...

it was the right choice and the day was just magical.

Angela said...

Gorgeous. Love the white dress on the right!

Anonymous said...

i love this post.
great blog.
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It would be great if you would follow :)

Maria PYL said...

I love the second dress!! What a pity that it was so expensive...
I love your blog and I follow you from now.
Vist mine If you want ;)
A big kiss!


Unknown said...

Love it!! It looks soooo beautiful!!:D

Thanks for your comment, stop by some time again:D


Cherie said...

i was so delighted when Kate chose a McQueen dress! i actually covet the belts you've posted and all the pieces are beautiful!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Hey Pippa,

Thanks for stopping by doll. KAte looked amazers in her Sarah B dress and so did Pippa!

Gotta love McQueen, he was a true fashion legend.


rosapelsblog said...

alexander mcqueen was a genius

Esther Mädchen said...

a. mcqueen was a big artist! i love her scarfs!

follow me:


Lima said...

Ahhhhh, I need 7 & 10 in my life. How expensive are they? Although I'm not surprised, Mcqueen is a leg-end. xo

valerierbrems said...

May he rest in peace. That man was an amazing artist.

Hannah said...

i don't really think it was a shock that sarah burton designed the dress haha but it was so stunning!! love the pieces you've picked out =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

em.me.ma said...

love the british touch!

Marie said...

Nice picks!:D

I like #s 2 and 7!:D

***** Marie *****

PiruletadeGato said...

Love your choices of McQueen


Hannah said...

Thanks for coming over to check out my blog. I didn't think it was surprising because I always thought Sarah Burton would end up designing the dress so when we found out officially that she was the designer it wasn't so much of a shock, especially since she'd been seen going into the Goring hotel the night before the wedding

Unknown said...

Alexander McQueen will always be missed - I still ask myself why such a thing could have happened. Such a tragedy really.
The dress was beautiful, yes :)



little luxury list said...

I was just admiring his 3-d knuckle duster clutch (so fun!) That fashion house will continue to produce great stuff and yes loved Kate's gown!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Mo said...

The first two dresses are beautiful. xx

honey my heart said...

loooooove alexander mcqueen! i hope to own one of his pieces one day!

Emilie said...

Love the clutch!

Pieter said...

Love the military dress and the clutch! x


Rebecca said...

the SS99 show was fantastic - you really can;t beat it!!


Unknown said...

The second dress is stunning and those shoes are amazing. I want!

dollyetvous said...

I love the leather clutch !

k said...

these are such gorgeous pieces, i'm drawn to the bags!

Tanvi said...

Ah! Mc Queen! :)

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