Black On Black Polka Dot

Black On Black Polka Dot

I got this cute top from Next not long ago for an amazing £10 in the sale!! I was looking around for something polka dot for ages so when it happened to be in a shirt as well this was double my luck! I have only been wearing it casually in the day time so far but I think it would look really nice with a skirt, black tights and heels. I've matched it here with my Topshop High Waisted Jeans and my favourite Miss Selfridge Necklace that I have been wearing pretty much non stop! So my hair is very straight forward, there's not really much that I can do with my hair as its so thin, but since using the Aussie Lusciously Light products I have tried to be more experimental, so this is my new attempt at making a quiff. Sorry for the short post today, busy with revision for exams! Hope all is well <3

I have notified the bloggers I have given the award to, please continue the award ladies :) Thank you to the gorgeous lady that gave me this award, thepeachdrinkingtea. So my ten secrets are...     -I have an obsession with coloured pens and stationary.   - I am so in love with how my boyfriend smells, that I bought his cologne. - Every time I buy sweets in a store I buy strawberry sweets.     - I collect ribbons where ever I go.     - Today I broke my wardrobe because I tried to stuff too many clothes in there. Cheeky.     - When I'm sad I eat Brioche.     - I have so much jewellery that I never wear.     - I am obsessed with sending cards, even if I don't get replies from some people.     - I sometimes hide behind bright coloured clothes.      - I get through cans and cans of hairspray ever year.


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i so adore your shirt, next has such lovely pieces! good luck with your revision and your exams! x

. said...

very cute and super cheap! I also love your necklace. Not having the necklace coordinate perfectly with an outfit is a breath of fresh air if done right. :)

Marie said...

Cute and classic top!:D

Good luck with your studies!:D

***** Marie *****

Anonymous said...

eeeeek I love that shirt!

good luck with the revision!

Unknown said...

Your blouse is perfect! I've been on the hunt for one similar. I love getting a good sale bargain. My hair is super thin too, such a pain. I recently got micro link (non glue) extensions put in and I'm a lot happier with it! x

Emily said...

You look darling! I have an obsession with polka dots.. That's the cutest thing about you buying your boyfriend's cologne. Awww!


KylieDee said...

I love your top, i've got a thing about polka dots and they are slowly taking over my wardrobe.

I love discovering other bloggers that are near me! I graduated from the UEA last year!


Sophie in the Sticks said...

Love your polkadot top, its so pretty. Some gems just pop up out of the blue and last forever. your high waisted jeans look so versatile. Congrats on your award :)
I'm from Norfolk too!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Lovely as always. x hivenn

Fish said...

świetny,indiański naszyjnik:D

LittleMissLee said...

loving the plka dots - so cute, and that necklace is AMAZING. congrats and good luck



Unknown said...

thank youuuu for the award! ;) In all seriousness, it made me smile xx

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