Palazzo Trousers

Palazzo Trousers

I'm sure everyone knows that the current trend for trousers is the Palazzo trouser.
The ultimate trend for style AND comfort. I don't currently own a pair due to lack of funds, but I would love to fit myself into a pair of these. Although they are at a higher price than I would have hoped, they will be a key item for all summer wardrobes. These gorgeous trousers can easily work it in the day time with a lose patterned top and sandals or at night time with heels and something a bit smarter.  Personally I would pick the patterned Palazzo's for night time and put a simple neutral coloured top with them so that the pattern on the trousers really stand out and then get the coloured plain Palazzo trousers for day time and maybe put a baggy top with a logo, image or catch phrase on it tucked into the top of the trousers. The selection below are my favourite items from a three websites online, Oasis, Topshop and New Look, all high street retailers. My favourite from all are the Oasis Wide Leg Crepe Trousers on the end as I love this colour right now with anything and also the Topshop Black Paisley Print Wide Leg Trousers as they remind me of some antique curtains I would love to have in my black and white living room in my house when I grow up. What do you think? How would you wear them and what do you think of the price?

          - Spot Printed Trouser, £45.00 - Mini Heart Print Palazzo Trouser, £45.00 - Wide Leg Crepe
            Trouser Black, £50.00 - Wide Leg Crepe Trouser, £50.00
- Pleated Wide Leg Trouser, £48.00 - Red Persian Floral Print Wide Leg Trouser,£45.00 - Brown Pleated Extreme Wide Leg Trouser, £48.00 - Black Paisley Print Wide Leg Trouser, £45.00
     - Floral Wide Leg Trousers, £27.99. - Crepe Wide Leg Trousers, £28.99 Super Wide Leg Trousers, £24.99. - Floral Wide Leg Trousers, £29.99


Cherry said...

I love seeing these on other people but they would never suit me at all!

Jessica French said...

I really can not see myself wearing these & I don't really like the... maybe they will grow on me :) xoxo

Unknown said...

I think they look gorgeous on others but I wouldn't have the confidence to wear them myself.



Unknown said...

I love the spotted Oasis ones! I haven't bought into this yet as I think they make anyone about a size 6 look enormous! But Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad wears the perfectly.


p.s. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog ^_^

Georgia said...

I love this trend, but I really don't think it would suit me ahha! Cute post! :) X

Sarah said...

I do love these styles but they seem very tricky to pull off!

Becca. said...

not sure if they'd ever suit me but i love the patterned ones, they are a tad expensive though!
and oooh nooo pippa you need a new one, they are fab necklaces!

thanks for the comment on my blog!xxx

FEPA said...

it is incredible how time in fashion is going back... i have a memory of my mom wearing those kind of long skirts and i used to wear them just to play ... now i c they r back... but not sure for how long :)

love ur blog :) always a great inspiration :)


Mo said...

I love these trousers! I tried them on in Topshop once and just fell in love. Great for summer evenings! xx

Laura said...

Can't really see myself in these but then again I may change my mind if I actually tried some on! Think they look gorgeous on other people though. x

Chicca said...

Lovely selection!!!Palazzo trosers are on great trend right now!!!

Anonymous said...

they look cool, but i can't see myself wearing a pair of them. :(

Maybe I will get a pair... but for the mo, no..

Cinderella's Closet said...

I wore these trousers 6 years ago and threw em out last year when i moved :(

Cinderella's Closet NYC

fashion suicides said...

I'm in love with this trend. Thinking on buying a pair on ASOS.

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