Firstly, I wanted to share one of my favourite songs right now. Although this is not a new song, I have been re-introduced to gorgeous female singers such as the delightful Corinne Bailey Ray, Lissie and The Pierces. Great songs for the summer and the long lighter evenings. Talking of that, it was in fact the longest day of this year today and it was lovely having the bright light sky outside and needing no lights on inside till late!

Secondly, I want to introduce you to the amazing company Biscuiteers. Whilst I was working at Oasis Press Office as an Intern the girls decided to send out these gorgeous hand-iced biscuits to a selection of bloggers as a way of advertising The New Vintage range they have just launched. Each biscuit was designed in the form of the new four dresses from their range that I showed you in a post I made a while ago. This collection of images below are taken of one of the boxes before it was sent out and hopefully you will have or will soon be seeing images on other peoples blogs. The company makes biscuits for all occasions and many businesses use them for gifts for their associates so I have taken some images from the website to show as examples. I thought it was a great and cute idea to give to the bloggers.


Temporary:Secretary said...

That is such a good idea and I have seen a few bloggers mention the Oasis biscuits. Was very jealous! They look so cute and the tin is awesome, i collect tins x

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

They look incredible and the tin is just adorable.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, those biscuits look devine!

and I love simple songs - I'm liking the pierces at the mo, too! x

Mon Cheri said...

WOW Love the biscuit packaging, so cute! and LOVVE that song also <3

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment.I usually find my clothes in vintage boutiques, as I live in France during the summer they have a great selection :)

Claire, x


Leia said...

I love Oasis!


Unknown said...

Now this is cute!!
Thanks for the sweet comment!

Emma @ Fashion Wonderland

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea!I love the look of it and i'm sure I wouldn't mind the taste either :P haha!

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

This is such a great idea! I live the tins! :)

Love, Vanilla


Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

I'm really loving female vocalists at the moment. I go through phases where I really just need to listen to women all the time, from the screeching of Miss Love to the dove song of Joni Mitchell :)

Biscuiteers certainly seems like a highly creative company. The boxes are adorable. They really appeal to my love of treasures ad trinkets.

By the way, the art gallery photos were taken at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea :)

Life At Victoria House said...

Aww glad you guys love the tins!
Get buying! :) xxx

Radiant Make Up said...

oh my gosh this is such a cute idea! completely love this :)

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