Aussie Giveaway

Aussie Giveaway

 Hey Everyone! Sorry for not being around much on the blogosphere! Hopefully this will make up for it though! 
As many of you know, I am an Aussie Angel for Aussie Haircare and they have kindly offered to celebrate their 'Aussie-Versary' for seven lucky followers to win a pack of gorgeous products from the lovely PR team. I received my package last week and it contained some sun glasses, flip flops, sweets, party poppers and some great Take The Heat Conditioner and Heat Spray which I picked from a selection of goodies. Aussie are offering the chance for seven lucky readers of mine, selected at random, to win a product of their choice and then also be offered the chance to win one each of ten VIP Passes to the Aussie Party in the UK's capital in October.          What you have to do is...

Tell me what you have to celebrate right now?
It can be anything at all, and to be honest I'm hoping for some exciting things! Anything from holidays coming up, new changes happening in your life, new love or a movement into your future...I'd love to hear about it! You have to be from the UK to enter, but feel free to tell friends!

The competition ends Wednesday 22nd at Midnight - so not long to enter. Sorry! 
Hopefully you all have enough time to get involved to win some amazing prizes!


Marie said...

What a fun giveaway! Good luck to everyone entering!:D

***** Marie ******

Leanne Marie said...

Next month I will be celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend, and hopefully many more years to come! I also realised on the same date it will also be my blogs 1st birthday! Double celebrations! :-) xx

Lucyy Writes said...

I'd love to enter as i adore aussie and swear by it! But you have to be 18 don't you? :( Im a few months off it. Sadly. I don't have much to celebrate about from getting to 88 followers on here on my 3 week old blog? :P I'm proud anyway :P

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hmm, something to celebrate huh?!

I guess sticking to my mundane part-time job for 4 years will have to do....!! I just hope that I can get a new career in writing!!

Thanks for the coment on my blog!
Jules @ A Bit of Jules

Helen Greenwood said...

My best friend gets married next month! We'll be doing whole lot of celebrating that day! :)


Sophie Isobel said...

Damn, I missed it! :\

Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway!

I haven't heard of the brand Aussie, I will have to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


Lauren Baker said...

I'm celebrating a change in my life! Moving on from an internship I wasn't too happy with and returning to my blog which I missed dearly.

Georgia Artus said...

Celebrating having a new hair cut today, drastic from others before! :)

Coquetin said...

I have so much to celebrate at the moment:
My brother doing amazingly in his exams;
Moving into my first house;
Eating nothing but crisps and sweets for 6 weeks, and not gaining a pound :)
I love my life <3

Tor That's Peachy said...

Hello Lovely, please enter me!

Something exciting...

I have been given quite a big business opportunity this week, which hopefully will all come into place this week, and be revealed on my blog over the coming fortnight :)

Love Tor xx


Jess. said...


I had a first date with a new guy after an extremely dry spell and having my heart broken :P it went perfect. Consequently I'm excited for future meetings :)

Hope that qualifies as something to celebrate about

Jess Smith


The Londoner said...

I'm celebrating my boyfriend and I getting back together!
We've had a bumpy ride for the last few months but we're giving it one last go.
I love him to bits and really do think he's the one, so keep your fingers crossed for us! xxx


Fashinate Me said...

Hi Pippa!!
It's Tolu again :D
Aww wow such a fab give-away!!
& Yes I would definitely go back to work with Warehouse too, I loved it! I'm going to do a blog post with behind the scene images from one of the events i helped co-ordinate whilst interning at Warehouse and images to come of my modelling jobs at London Fashion Week this year on FashinateMe.Blogspot.com ... Follow and check it out soon! x Tolu x

@Tolusavedd - Twitter

Lidiya said...

This looks amazing, I love the flip flops and their products are fantastic :)

Rachel McCallion said...

Great post, thanks so much for your comment :) x


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