London Africa Fashion Week

London Africa Fashion Week

One lovely Saturday I got on a bus and ventured to London for the day for fashion shows, croissants, bloggers, fashion designers, gorgeous people and lots of cameras. This was the first London Africa Fashion Week and I felt that it really showed all the stereotypical aspects of how people view African women and fashion, but also they showed the development of how African fashion has developed and how it has actually become very western in the shapes, designs and colour detail. The transformation of the old and the new was beautifully shown and each design was more exciting than the last. I met some amazing bloggers especially Emily from EmilyDivine  who I spent most of the day with, also some other gorgeous girlies! We all met at Patisserie Valerie where we were briefed on the day then set off ready for the 4 shoots throughout the day! So below is a selection of my favourite images, and trust me there were a lot more! I had to cut it down to this many and that was a struggle! The first image is purposefully unclear as the day was such a blur to me with all the smiles, chatting and colourful excitement.


Temporary:Secretary said...

This looks fantastic, thank you for sharing the awesome photos! The venue is incredible! x

Mariel Torres said...

Absolutely stunning models!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos, looks like you had a fab time!
Julia @ Retro Jules

Unknown said...

First of all, these photos are amazing! Second, to answer your question about the young boy playing the piano in the video I posted, he is thirteen years old. Finally, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on latest post.

Wild Things Grow Here said...

Fantastic photos!

Memoir Mode said...

wow these are amazing great post x

julianne. said...

wow you took fantastic photos.
this fashion is unbelievable.
sounds like an amazing time.<3

VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

Incredible pictures! What beautiful dresses and designs. Following now :)


Marie said...

Wow! What a fab opportunity!:D

Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing the pictures.:D

***** Marie *****

Yona said...

Beautiful pictures! <3

Sarah said...

Amazing! I haven't seen it before.



Coquetin said...

Stunning pictures! You should consider fashion photography :)
The models are incredible too: positively doll-esque.

Paige Rhianne said...

This looked amazing, and the girls looked beautiful lovely outfits!
I gave you a little mention on my blog xx


F. said...

What an awsome show! love the clothes ;)

xoxo F.

Frocktasia said...

I love African wax print fabrics so much. I have a small collection of African frocks & tops that I have sourced through charity shops, car boot sales & eBay, some of the designs are really intricate with quirky folds & pleats...I love them. This event would be right up my street, thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this post, great pictures- really enjoyed reading it.


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