Bit annoying, but for some reason Blogger won't let my pictures be any bigger than this, but I suppose it will have to do! This selection of images are from a gorgeous restaurant in Edinburgh called Hamilton's that my sister took me to today, and it was devine. We had a table of six and all sat down to adorable meals varying from fish finger sandwiches and parsnip chips to chicken and bacon sandwiches with cream of mushroom soup. The whole restaurant was very relaxed and old fashioned with comfortable lounge chairs and candle lit tables, but it all had a modern feel, with abstract paintings and pop art styled menu's. Each meal consisted of bright colours and scrumptious flavours which I took a long time eating because I wanted to enjoy every single bite; but had to get a few snap shots in first as I was so impressed. I'm loving being in Edinburgh at the moment, everything here seems so calm and as if everyone is always content with their lives rather than some of the dramas of 19 - 20 year olds! Just reminded me of how simplicity can often be the main source for happiness...along with a beautifully yummy meal!

Also COLDPLAY are playing at my University in Norwich on the 27th as they are part of the Radio 1 Student Tour with Fearne Cotton and I am so excited, so although this is an odd video to go with the song, this is the most relevant Coldplay song to me right now...love them!


Katherine said...

omg - the food looks amazing! So yummy :)

Beautiful blog and you are a smarty pants for being at Cambridge! Just followed you :)

Sarah said...

The food looks lovely! Love the design of the menu too :)

VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

Gawd this is virtually food porn! This place looks awesome!



Love to eat out, looks yummy.

Sara said...

What an amazing pop art menu! Edinburgh looks fantastic, I think they definitely have the best food in the world imo!


JJJ said...

Thanks for stopping by :) This pics look yummy :)Cool post!


daisychain said...

Oh yum! And the menus are awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a cute place! I wish I could go and visit the U.K. haven't been there in nearly ten years :(

Mabel Time

Amy said...

Wow the food looks amazing! Loving the menu styling too - I love pop art! xx

Lucyy Writes said...

I love the menu design, the food looks yummy.

Lucy x

Bad Joan said...

the food looks delicious and the menus are so artistic!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, the menus look so cool, I'd definitely eat there if only to gave at the menus! The food looks really yummy too.



Kat said...

looks amazingly delicious! :D


Jill said...

uhh yum! i want it!!!
my new blog url is: www.phatjill.blogspot.com Jill

Jazz said...

Mmm yummy, this meal looks so good!

I also love the way they have designed the menu :)

Great blog :)

Jazz xo

Anita said...

I love Coldplay!

Yara Simón said...

Those food pictures look delish.

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

I love the menu! So original! And the food looks delicious too! Sounds like a great time (:

Unknown said...

I am hungry now. Thanks for sharing.

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