Aussie from back over Christmas

Aussie from back over Christmas

Well this is a very late post, but I thought better late than never! As I live in student accommodation, over the Christmas holidays I was unable to pick up my Aussie deliveries.  Unfortunately, I missed the deadlines for the competition of twitter pictures, but I wanted to write about the products themselves anyway. These two bottles that I received are especially for dry and damaged hair under the 'Miracle Moist' range, made to protect the condition of the hair and keep it smooth and refreshed. As the bottles are larger than normal at 400ml for the conditioner and 500ml for the shampoo, they are bound to last me a long time so I have a long time to see how much my hair develops. As I have coloured hair, I do need a lot of protection, so I try to combine my washing routine with the 'Take The Heat Leave In Spray' when blow drying and straightening my hair. The smell of these two bottles are so delicious and sweet due to the new formula of Aloe Vera. You can smell it all day and its so gorgeous when you blow dry your hair. Every time I receive a new product from the lovely Aussie ladies, I am more and more pleasantly surprised! Love being an Aussie Angel.


LillianZahra said...

I was really late with getting mine too - ended up getting them delivered to my dad's work and then had to wait until I went home to get the giant bottle. The shampoo and conditioner are still going strong, the new bottles are so huge! x

Monyka said...

I am addicted to Aussie products, they're amazing and smell lush! lovely blog :)

Rebecca said...

I've never used Aussie products before, though I keep meaning to, and this collection sounds right up my street! My hair is so dry...

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

I swear by this stuff, it's so great. And I think it's 2 for £6 in Boots at the moment. Lucky you being an Angel!

Lovely blog btw xxx

South Molton St Style

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