17 Va Va Voom Waterproof Volume Mascara

17 Va Va Voom Waterproof Volume Mascara

This is the 'VA VA VOOM' by 17 which I bought for £6.29.
Its such a bargain so I couldn't say no. However, after going to my Blaze Make Up Course I was told that the cheaper the mascara you buy, the less quality you receive. Since then I have been looking for a good quality and reasonably priced mascara but until that day comes, this 17 mascara will have to do!

This thick brush gives you full coverage of your lashes and although it is a little gloopy, if you use an eye lash curler before hand on your lashes then they should come out nice and evenly. I have to use waterproof mascara as my eyes water like there's no tomorrow and this one seems to be a waterproof mascara that actually stays on in the shower or when swimming! Basically, its actually doing its job!
I have short lashes therefore meaning that I need quite a lot of mascara to make my lashes look volumised and long so this mascara definitely lifts them up. I am like the majority of girls and would never leave the house without at least mascara on so this is perfect for adding a quick layer before running to the shops as its easy to use. I like to wear gel eyeliner also and the combination of the two products makes my eyes look much more glamorous and wide eyed. 

I normally try to go to Boots to get my makeup products unless I am getting MAC or Clinique because I feel as if the other benefits from shopping there are great, for example the boots advantage card offers or money off! At the moment, they are offering the non-waterproof version of this mascara here for £4.00 saving you £2.29. This may not seem much to some who are able to spend vast quantities of money on mascara, but to a little impoverish student this is a great saving. I would definitely recommend this to any students who need a quick mascara purchase whilst on the hunt for that one perfect and reasonably priced mascara fit for all occasions!


Anonymous said...

Ooo thanks for the review! I hate spending a fortune on mascara, so am always looking for a mid-range bargain!


Love the packaging I'm a sucka for packaging of products, I'm a marketing designers dream! Love the price of this one too though, I used colossal volume mascara by maybelline which is a couple of quid more.

LillianZahra said...

I really like 17 mascaras, this one sounds great and good to know that it does live up to its waterproof promises! x

Sadie said...

I may have to try this just for the fact that it is actually waterproof. I'm still to find a mascara I love but like you I can't afford to spending ridiculous amounts on a mascara :) xx

Cara said...

I got my tripod stand from ebay it is a 50cm so it is defintely tall enough!
Cara x

Unknown said...

I was debating getting this mascara the other day but I chose against it ! x


Heidi-likes said...

Lovely blog! That mascara looks good, I've always been a fan of 17 products, they're usually great value. Would love if you could check out my blog :)


Giovanna said...

Fun post! Loving your jacket!


Unknown said...

im in desperate need of a new mascara x

Unknown said...

I use the same mascara and it works a treat!
Marmie xx


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