Alison Claire Natural Beauty

Alison Claire Natural Beauty

Recently I was contacted to see if I would review some stunningly scrumptious products from Alison Claire Natural Beauty range. This range has been created by Alison who has been a natural healthcare practitioner for 30 years meaning that all of the Alison Claire products now use natural ingredients with proven efficiency. I was sent three items from two of their skincare ranges, the 'Rose Geranium Body Lotion', the 'Lavender and Chamomile Body Lotion' and the 'Vanilla and Coconut Body Butter'. My favourite item is definitely the Lavender and Chamomile as although there is only a subtle fragrance in each gifted bottle, this one has the most warming and soft blend of summery smells, which i'm sure everyone loves for this time of year. I have been using the Vanilla and Coconut Body Butter a lot under my eyes and around the sensitive areas on my face and this is due to the revitalising astringents in the body butter which make the skin around my eyes feel more awake and a little tighter. Of course at 20 I am not concerned about wrinkles, but it is always nice to feel like your skin is being looked after for later on in life. The nice thing about this body butter is that you do not need a lot to apply it to sensitive areas, especially on the face; this is good for me as I suffer from Eczema which is a dry skin problem and it often turns up in small patches all over the body.
You can get the products online from http://www.alisonclairenaturalbeauty.com/ along with other ranges such as hair care and cleansing products, with these prices ranging from £12-£15 for these products shown below. 


Anonymous said...

I had the vanilla body butter and its lovely , the consistency of all the products is perfect. Great review :)! x

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous products!


erika sorocco said...

The different scents sound so enticing! :)

Paulina said...

Have a nice Sunday!

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