With a world of chain restaurants around and amazing voucher deals for every place possible, I thought I would review a restaurant or two as part of my blog. As food is a big part of my life, eating out or simply enjoying nice food always brightens up my day. Of course like any woman, I do like to look after my weight but I am also a big believer in treating yourself and appreciating free time! This restaurant in particular is one of my favourites, 'Carluccio's'. I went with two family members not long ago and of course I had to try my favourite Italian dish just for comparison, Carbonara. Everyone was happy with the food as there were generous portions with pleasant surroundings and atmosphere, we have even planned lots of trips back since. However, with the recession and every student being a little strapped for cash, it's always nice to save money where possible or gain a little something free to make the outing even more enjoyable as everyone knows that things taste better when they are free. Carluccios always have good lunch and dinner deals on and at the moment are offering a free bottle of wine when you sign up to their email list here. Where is one of your favourite places to eat out? I'm always up for something new and would love to experience different delicacies. 


LillianZahra said...

I love Carluccios. The food in your pictures looks amazing! x

daisychain said...

Mm, they look SO good!

Natasha Gregson said...

Looks tasty!! I love Italian food :)



Paulina DeVil said...

omg that looks so good, i want some pasta now, haha! xx


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