Babyliss Curling Wand

Babyliss Curling Wand

I would like to introduce you to my newest baby, the Babyliss Curling Wand! I have seen lots of people using this and reviewing it with great comments so thought I would try it out on my boring straight and fine hair! The kit comes with very useful instructions and a heat protecting glove which came in very handy when I was curling up close to my head and ears. As I am not at all experienced in curling my hair, the youtube videos and blog posts came in very handy! I had to dedicate quite a lot of time to doing it the first time round, however, now I don't take as long. I decided to keep my hair in place with lots of hairspray and luckily because of this the curls stayed tight for quite a while as shown in the pictures at the bottom. I would definitely recommend this curling wand to girls with thin hair as they create adorably cute little small curls for any occasion.


Unknown said...

It looks lovely, very natural.
I have a few Babyliss tongs and always find them good value for money.

Hayley said...

Ah, I have this and I'm so rubbish at using it. My friend did my hair for me once and it looked great but I have had no luck on my own! I love how you did you curls though :) x

Anonymous said...

Ah your hair looks lovely! Not too overdone! And it's so much harder to curl short hair so I'm very tempted to invest in these! Especially if the effects are long lasting. I love your necklace with your outfit btw too :)

Gemma x


Caayenne said...

you look beautiful:) I have the same and I love it :D

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