DIY Jar Candles

DIY Jar Candles

I recently joined Pinterest as everyone had been talking about it and I have seen so many little craft ideas that I would love to do! The first one is something that I knew would be easy! I decided to make use of old jars of pasta sauce or jam and create Jar candles! Now, I must admit that I am completely and utterly in love with candles, fairly lights and anything that make a room look a little more atmospheric, so I knew that I would love creating these. All you need to make these beauties is a cleaned out jar of any shape, size or colour, something decorative to go round the top and some small candles! I have kept to the colour scheme of pink as it will fit in nicely with the majority of my room, however you can use whatever you want! Make sure that the jar is completely dry on the inside then light your candle and drop it carefully down to the bottom of the jar. I have decided to put glitter in the bottom before lowering the candle as I think it looks nice and I will look out for other decorative things that I can use in the future! Once the candle is in place, cut to size some string, a ribbon or anything you wish to use to make the plain jar look more interesting and tie it in a bow around the top area of the jar! Then there you have it, no longer will you waste your jars, instead candle jars to brighten up even the darkest rooms!

IMG_8140 IMG_8142

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Gavina said...

I do this too! I also use glass jars for storing my makeup, makeup brushes, cotton ear buds etc. They always come in handy.


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