Fudges Bakery Lemon Zest Biscuits

Fudges Bakery Lemon Zest Biscuits

Although  this may seem like an odd thing to blog about, I have decided that my guilty pleasure is definitely Lemon Zest Biscuits! As a child, my sister and I used to run away with the packet and scoff away each and every one of them. We used to get different shaped ones with animals or stars and be ecstatic every time we were treated to a box. When I attended BBC Radio 2's Carfest  in the summer, Fudges Bakery had a little stall providing passer-by's with yummy sample treats to keep us going. As soon as I saw the Lemon zest biscuits, I knew I had to buy a pack; especially because of the white chocolate added deliciousness. If you get a chance to purchase some of these biscuits then I would definitely recommend it.


LillianZahra said...

I've never tried these before but they sound amazing! x

MILEX said...

How wonderful again

zubguzbebrsb said...

Nice blog !

Unknown said...

they look delish

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