OPI Nail Varnish

OPI Nail Varnish

 I bought this OPI Nail varnish in the sale for £4 at Sally's in Edinburgh and am so happy with my purchase. I was a little skeptical at first as this shade of blue is a little bright. However, after applying it, I decided that I really like the colour as its a bit more eccentric than my usual boring shades of pink and red. As I have acrylic nails, I do tend to try a lot more colours in comparison to before I had my nails attached. This is because generally my nails are a much better shape and the varnish Do you ave Fake nails? Also Do you like OPI?


daisychain said...

that's such a gorgeous colour x

Ellie M said...

Gorgeous colour!

Ellie xo
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Intrinsically Florrie said...

Bargainous and beautiful- I like it. The colour is gorgeous and I think the shimmer is really beautiful.

Florrie x

Natalie said...

I bought a Models Own polish so similar to this before Christmas but I haven't dared to wear it yet as it's such a different colour for me! Looks amazing though :)
Really glad I just discovered your blog - you have one new follower :)
N xoxo

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