Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

As it is my birthday on Friday, everyone keeps asking me what I want, as it is my 21st birthday! To be completely honest there isn't a lot that I actually want from my friends and family. I know, shock horror, a blogger that doesn't want anything for her birthday! So instead I thought I would have a casual browse on the internet at all my favourite websites and check out a few things that looks nice :) Although some are a little unrealistic!


1) Newlook Jeans 2) Vivienne Westwood Watch 3) River Island Smock 4) Whistles Loafers
5) Topshop Snood 6) ASOS Bag 7) Barry M Nail Varnish 8) Topshop Ring


daisychain said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow xx

iliketweet said...

Ooh, I hope you had a lovely birthday! I love the bag with the bunny on, it's so cute!

Love Tweet

Piia Õ. said...

The loafers are so awesome! I had a similar pair last year, but they borke and I've been manically searching for a new pair.
Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :)
Bowtie Diary

Unknown said...

This is a lovely wish list! Love each piece!! <3


Mia's Little Corner

Unknown said...

Love the jeans they would be great for summer!

I have the Barry M Nail Varnish it is good after a few coats just don't put on arycilic nails you will never get it off!


Mishi Rowland said...

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