Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil

I had my hair cut in January and was told that I really needed to stop using as many products on my hair and instead let me hair be a little more natural for a while. Unfortunately I had the usual problem of dry hair with the occasional split end, causing my hair to look limp and lifeless! As a result of this conversation my hairdresser suggested that I start using Moroccan Oil (and only Moroccan Oil) on my hair and see how it goes. I could not believe the results. Genuinely within days my hair began to feel softer and was so much easier to dry because it naturally fell so much more elegantly than beforehand. The product I use below is amazing but I've heard than the price tag for this (at £30 when I bought it) is more than you need to pay for a good Moroccan Oil. Therefore, I recommend to everyone to go out and buy some Moroccan oil of some kind and blog about the results!


Eloise said...

I love this stuff! It's been a little gem for my overly dried ends


RuBee said...

I've been meaning to buy this for well over a year! I hear such good things about it and my dry damaged hair really needs some tlc! X

Louisa said...

I use the same oil and I love the result. And it smells good too. You have a lovely blog!! What do you think about following each other on GFC, Bloglovin and/or Facebook? Please let me know if you're interested and I'll follow back. Hope to hear from you soon.


Eline said...

I really need this! Thinking about getting it... And btw, I LOVE your blog!! xx

Unknown said...

I have an organic shampoo with moroccan oil in it...it seems to work pretty well for my hair. I have always wondered if straight up moroccan oil alone would give better effects. Did you hair dresser say to still wash your hair with typical shampoos and conditioners and use the moroccan oil separately? Thanks!

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