Lilac Rose

Lilac Rose

After three years of stress, hard work and just a little bit of partying, I have finally finished university. I studied a Business Management degree in Norwich and loved every moment of it. Especially this week, after what feels like a very long three years of my life, I have finally got my results. Somehow or other by working my big bum off I managed to get a FIRST; literally so over the moon and still shocked even though I found out on Friday.
As soon as I found out, I had to leave work and head back home to celebrate with the family. My family were so happy for me and also releaved that all the waiting was over; because of this, they knew that celebrations had to happen! We went out for a lovely dinner and spent the weeked shopping and generally enjoying life together. My sister (the amazing and wonderful girl that she is) called up my favourite store in Cambridge 'Lilac Rose' (as seen here) and picked some things over the phone to be wrapped up ready for when I arrived for a bit of window shopping so as to surprise me with some beautiful presents. My favourite piece was this stunning necklace, priced at £18.99. I thought it was so lovely and would go with basically everything in my wardrobe, although its so lovely that I am apprehensive about wearing and damaging it. I normally buy quite inexpensive items of jewellery and although this isn't expensive, it has sentimental value to me so I will be very careful with it.
Do you have any pieces like this? Or a favourite independent jewellery store near you?


Anonymous said...

Great camera! Great quality. I really like this necklace and the contrast from the cloth behind it


Cherry said...

This is so pretty!

Louisa said...

The necklace is beautiful!!

Louisa Moje

Unknown said...

Well done!!! I remember graduating its the best feeling ever!!! This necklace is so amazing and will look amazing with shirts!
Thank you for commenting on my blog!!! Xxxx


Paige Rhianne said...

Loveee that necklace! So gorgeous! x


Danika Podhola said...

The necklace is so pretty :)!!

New post on My blog ---> urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx

Ten Things ... said...

Congratulations on your first! That's so brilliant, I'm glad all of your hard work paid off!
This necklace is beautiful, and even more special in that it holds such sentimental value for you!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
I'm now following you on bloglovin x
Abbi x


T said...

Beautiful necklace! Even your bed spread is so lush!
Fashion Ganache.

Unknown said...

that necklace is lovely x

Eline said...

Congrats! Great job! And I really love the necklace!

Unknown said...

Absolutely darling necklace! Congrats on graduating!


blogablebeauty said...

I love those necklaces that you can trow on top of a plane shirt and completly change an outfit.


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