Cuckoo's Bakery

Cuckoo's Bakery

Hey Everyone!
Just a quick post to tell you about this adorable little bakery in Edinburgh on Dundas Street. It serves the most beautiful cakes in so many different flavours; my favourite is definitely their red velvet cupcake. Edinburgh is so different to down south, every little shop is so appreciated by the locals, they each have their own quirks and yet still seem to do so well. Cuckoo's, although it is on the street ten minutes from town and next to a bunch of run down shops, is still such a vibrant and joyful place. I love that about it, and I love how the staff treat you like you are their only customer, even when each table is full. If any of you are in the area, or in Edinburgh in general, definitely try it out.

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Unknown said...

This place is adorable...thanks for sharing! :) Much love

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