Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

Hello All!
Whilst at the Amazon Christmas Wishlist Press Event last week, I picked up one of the top female presents for women this Christmas and it happened to be Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment. I don't really wear perfume very often, but I have to say that I was converted! I love the summery and beautiful flowery smell of this perfume and it made me feel happy smelling it. I know, I know, that does sound like a rather random thing to say, but I never realised what joy could come from lovely smells! I guess if I was to get all poetic about it, it was like walking into a gorgeous field of fantastically coloured flowers and table of gorgeous fruit near by. I want to start wearing a perfume, and what better way to start? Isn't it so true that when you hug someone you love, you can't help but recognise the smell they have straight away? Well today's post was inspired by my lovely Uncle David who always smells delightful and puts a smile on my face like you wouldn't believe! Do any of you have your favourite perfume? Let me know what it is please! Buy Calvin Klien products HERE from Amazon.
CT x


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh the event sounds great I am getting ready for Xmas already I love it xx

Oh My Style said...

sounds amazing!


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