Clashing Time Talks New Look

Clashing Time Talks New Look

This is the 'Cream Premium Multi Check Collarless Coat' from New Look and costs £74.99.
Although this is more than I would normally spend on a coat that wouldn't be one for everyday wearing, I do think it is super cute and is the type of jacket that could still be worn in years to come. I often find that prints like this are a timeless and whether you are wearing it now with some open toe heels or wearing it in 5 years time on a country walk with a wooly jumper and boots...it would still look nice! I think it looks as if it would be really cosy and I'd love to match it will a big collared white shirt and jeans. I think an awesome collar coming over the top of the neckline would look great! What do you think? Check it out HERE. CTx

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