Clashing Time Talks BRGRCOTHNKSGVNG!

Clashing Time Talks BRGRCOTHNKSGVNG!

This week I was invited to 187 Wardour Street, Soho in celebration of the American holiday 'Thanksgiving' for a BRGR.CO tasting! BRGR.CO signifies the very best and unique high-end casual dining experience, where you get to enjoy a gourmet burger in a space that is both sophisticated and warm. The restaurant has such a great classic feel to it like it is a modern day 1950's diner! Their burgers begin with the finest in Australian Angus beef, custom blended and served with a selection of the world’s best cheeses on a homemade toasted bun. They are set to expand this incredible empire soon with a new site on Chelsea's illustrious King's Road this december. The brand, which first coined the concept of “BRGROLOGY” – the science and art of building a better burger - at its first site in Soho (in late 2012), will bring a team of 'Brgrologists', 'Lettuce Analysts' and 'Grill Sergeants' to SW3, and with them, its premium grade patties! 
For the THNKSGVNG burger launch we got to sample some amazing treats! Parmesan and truffle chips, mac n' cheese, chips and chilli, onion rings, and then some incredible turkey burgers. The first was a simple turkey Thanksgiving burger with bacon and a beautifully sweet cranberry sauce in a brioche bun, and the second was the Thanksgiving truffle burger with tasty truffles and provolone. We all had the great idea of cutting them in half and having half each so we could make a decision on our favourite and I think the cranberry sauce made my answer very easy! Sometimes there is an opinion that turkey is one of the dryer meats and chicken is often a little more succulent..but on this occasion, the turkey was beautifully juicy and fell apart so nicely as you bit into it. I can be a little snobbish about burgers as I often complain that they are wayyyy too overdone, but these were exceptionally mouthwatering and moist. Meat this good does not need to be overcooked because there are no flaws to conceal! They have a great selection on the menu, including some incredible desserts and they have definitely proved to me that restaurants can do burgers the PROPER way!!! So let me know, what's your favourite burger fillings? Have you had a turkey burger before? Have you been to the BRGR Soho brand? Let me know!
 BRGROLOGIST   |   [BR·GR·OL·OGY]   |   "One who, with patience & dedication, has learned all there is to know about BRGRS, and is ready to share that knowledge with a fortunate few”

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