Clashing Time Talks From London With Love

Clashing Time Talks From London With Love

This morning I watched the With London With Love Burberry 2014 Festive commercial starring Romeo Beckham and it is just the loveliest thing! I can happily hold my hands up and admit that I am no where near being able to afford any of the beautiful coats, bags, dresses or scarves, but I can certainly appreciate the classic sophistication that comes with shopping at Burberry. Romeo Beckham has got amazing genes and i'm sure all the Beckham children will go on to be wildly successful in their own individual ways, but I think that it is very fair to say that in this situation Romeo win's over the video's audience simply because of his adorable yet cheeky boyish looks.
If you haven't already and you want to feel a little Christmassy, give it a watch! CTx

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