Clashing Time talks Snug Bar Bloggers Event

Clashing Time talks Snug Bar Bloggers Event

Last week I went to an event at The Snug Bar for a bloggers cocktail making class! I joined a small group of bloggers from Cambridge and we were let loose on the bar...big mistake. We were free pouring like you've never seen before (unintentionally of course). We were treated to 4 cocktails each and were given the opportunity to make them ourselves if we wanted to - I should have left it to the experts. A strawberry daiquiri kicked off the evening and put us all in an excited mood for what was about to happen! Check out my video below to find out what happened...


TmS said...

Thanks for this, really looking forward to their 10th birthday now!

Mariel Parton said...

the food and drinks looks so amazing <3


Unknown said...

eek I look so awkward

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