Clashing Time talks Strada Secret Super

Clashing Time talks Strada Secret Super

Last week I went to a #SecretSupper club at Strada Cambridge on Trinity Street with Alice from The Middle Sister and we had such a laugh. They have recently decided to re-launch their menu since being taken over and I certainly noticed the difference! They want to concentrate more on working with local farmers and chefs to rejuvenate their menus, and they intend to do it more often in order to use more seasonal fruit and vegetables. We started the evening with a glass of process and samples a variety of amazing mini portions of meals. We got to try tomato garlic pizza bread, ravioli and carbonara, but the best by far was definitely the risotto - something that I don't normally pick when out for dinner! This dish was beautifully flavoured with such a fantastic pea and mint taste, so lovely and light, and definitely the type of dish I will choose in the future. Next we moved onto the epic three course meal that they offer during the week between 12-7 for only £12! I started with a scrummy spring vegetable bruschetta, then moved on to the feather steak and chips (cooked to perfection might I add), and then finished it all off with some delicious mango sorbet. We got talking to the guests around us the whole evening and even got to speak to the manager about the great plans they have for the future. Of course I enjoyed the meal, but what I enjoyed more was the excitement from the manager about the freedom they have been given at the Cambridge branch to experiment and see what works best. It's lovely to see such trust from a national organisation! If you get the chance then please do pop in and try their new menu, and let me know what you think. CTx

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TmS said...

Those lovely iamges have just confirmed that we need to go back! Maybe for a #CambMeetUp evening?

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