Clashing Time talks Espresso Library

Clashing Time talks Espresso Library

Hello lovely people! I know, I know...It's been a while. Turns out my new amazing blog schedule is actually not that easy to stick to when you have loads on at work, friends that need to be caught up with, and a load of moving house stress to deal with. To try and cope with the stress of everything, I decided to go and meet my lovely friend Olivia from Crave More Beauty at Espresso Library on East Road in Cambridge. Espresso Library seems to be the 'It' place in Cambridge at the moment. The place you go with your laptop to work, or with a newspaper to relax, or with your friends for a good old chin wag! It's the place you go to...and never get a seat in as it's so popular. It's so lovely to see a cafe in such a non-touristy part of town do so well and as it is just down the road from my offices, I decided it was about time I went in to give it a go myself. Olivia and I were so excited to try some of the food for lunch as all the people around us had some seriously yummy looking dishes being brought to their tables. Get ready for food porn! 
I decided to go for the squash and feta frittata and oh my goodness...it was so lovely. You can't go wrong with a generous portion of butternut squash, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, feta and a selection of other yummy veg! It came with a lovely side portion of fresh salad and a drizzle of some dressing and I've got to say that I was very unexpectedly full after such a light looking dish. Olivia went for the halloumi and garlic portobello mushroom burger with pesto and salad. Although I'm not a big mushroom fan, I do feel as if I could have been converted by trying this dish as it looked so flavoursome and not at all like your typical mushroom meal. The Espresso Library does have a small menu, but it seems as if they mix things up on a weekly, even daily basis, in order to ensure they are using the best local produce for the time of year. They concentrate on working with local farmers, businesses and individuals to make their cafe as good as it possibly can be....and I think they've done it! If you're in Cambridge then definitely pop over to East Road.


Unknown said...

That all looks so delicious! Maybe next time I'm in Cambridge... if I ever start to get my bearings!! x

Laura | Loved By Laura

Unknown said...

Hope it calms down a little for you but home moving sounds like a good stress to have right, better place and all that! Looks like you’ve had a lovely time trying to calm it all down :)
Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture

Unknown said...

This place looks amazing! I live just outside of Cambridge and I haven't heard of it - added it to my must visit list!

Rakel said...

cozy place!

Unknown said...

Espresso Library looks like such a cool place! And the food looks so delicous as well! You know where to go now for lunch when you don't want to stay at the office...:)

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