Clashing Time talks Browhaus Eyebrow Pencil

Clashing Time talks Browhaus Eyebrow Pencil

So lets just say that I have never really made much of an effort with my eyebrows. Over the years I have looked at some other peoples eyebrows and I have been terrified. Some people have incredibly perfect eyebrows, some people rock the bushy look, some people just do not know what on earth they are doing - and it is this unusual combination of looks that scares me all the time. I have never really thought that eyebrows make much of a difference to my look, and because of that I only occasionally pluck my brows. Please remember though, when I do pluck my eyebrows, it is not done very well. I feel like an awful blogger for being such a lazy so and so, but as I said, the idea of doing it all wrong is a little terrifying. It wasn't until I attended a bloggers event last year and I received this eyebrow pencil from Browhaus that I decided that enough was enough. Time to take control of my eyebrows and attempt to scrub up a little bit. This brush colour, albeit quite light, makes me feel a little bit more groomed and sometimes that is exactly what you need when maybe everything else isn't looking so top notch. As I am a complete amateur when colouring in my eyebrows, I thought that starting light would be best. If I was to go in with a dark colour to begin with then my brain would have instantly said 'no, nope, no, this is definitely not for me...abort mission!'. What I like about this pencil is that it is very light weight and doesn't feel like I am drawing on my face. Instead it feels like I am simply giving my eyebrows a little bit more shape to last me throughout the day. At the other end there is a small brush that helps you to comb out the hairs on your brow and blend in any shading. For me, as a virgin to doing anything to my brows, I am really pleasantly surprised by the look it has and am definitely planning to continue using it until I become more confident with the look (not that I'm sure anyone else will notice). Have you ever held back from a look due to fear? 

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