Clashing Time went to London Fashion Weekend

Clashing Time went to London Fashion Weekend

The weekend before last I ventured to London for a lovely day out with my friend Laura from Loved By Laura.  Laura was lucky enough to win some free tickets to London Fashion Weekend through a Twitter competition, and she kindly asked if I wanted to go along with her. Going to London Fashion Week is a dream for many ladies, and you watch all the beautiful people going to beautiful shows every year and just wish that it could be you! Well, as I am fairly realistic about the fact that I will never be invited to London Fashion Week, London Fashion Weekend has got to be the next best thing! I went previously when it was held Somerset House and I have got to be completely honest, I didn't enjoy it at all. The venue was completely wrong as there were so many people and we all wanted to get in on the action. My friend found it incredibly claustrophobic and we actually ended up leaving early. This year I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the day was really enjoyable. The Saatchi Gallery was the perfect venue for the event and the security/people management was just right. We started off the day by taking some outfit posts on some of the incredible streets near by and then wandered over to the Saatchi Gallery. As Laura had priority tickets, we walked straight over and got to go in with real ease - much to our delight. 
Every room had a similar layout and the stalls had a lot of room for mooching around, this combination made it very easy to navigate and allowed us to spend time looking at areas we wanted to. I was mesmerised by all the beautiful designers, new and old, as we walked through each room. One thing that stood out to me whilst walking round the rooms was the fact that mainstream brands now a days seem to be experimenting much more with textures and materials. Brands items are gradually becoming more like the clothes you see on the catwalk at LFW. I love this concept as it means that 'fashion' (and I say that intentionally with inverted commas) isn't just available to 'fashionable' people or people 'in fashion', but instead mainstream brands are creating a world of affordable style for all. Yes, there is always going to be qwerky fashionistas who almost laugh at the fashion industry, but that is simply never going to be me. I am not ashamed to say that I am more of a sheep that follows the crowd, but attending events like this makes me realise that there is no reason to worry about it. Most people there have bought tickets because they have an appreciation of fashion, and they want to share that with like-minded people. Laura and I had a right laugh the whole day and I was very impressed with how engaging the organisers had made the event. There were photo booths, talks, catwalk shows and much more. We were very lucky to get into a talk with Rankin as he spoke about his photography career, and that was such a treat. Overall, I would definitely attend London Fashion Weekend again as I think that as the years go by, it does seem to be getting better and better. London Fashion Weekend offers normal people the chance to dress up, go shopping and enjoy a day out with friends. What could be better? Let me know if you've ever been!


Unknown said...

It was such a fun day - thanks for making it such a giggle!

Laura xx | Loved By Laura

She's A Gentry said...

Love the post and the video! I so wanna go next year. Hope you guys had fun :-) Kat xx


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