Clashing Time talks Kmart Jewellery

Clashing Time talks Kmart Jewellery

As I haven't blogged in a while, I thought I would give myself a kick up the bum and mix things up a little bit. I have got a new layout (which I love) and I've written a post on something I am loving at the moment. I have been away from the blogging world for a little while as I have been super busy, but I have a lot of exciting content coming up! So my first question for today is...why oh why does England not have a Kmart? You may have heard of it before as Kmart is a huge retailer in many countries throughout the world and when I was in Melbourne this January, I took advantage of the opportunity to shop there for a few bits and bobs. This place is like some sort of interiors, beauty, clothing, accessories heaven for people on a real budget! If I didn't have a limit on my suitcase then I would have bought a load of bedding, lamps, wall art, pillows...the lot. But as I had already over-packed for my trip, I could only pick up a few special pieces. My favourite purchase was easily this beautiful necklace that cost me the grand total of 4 Dollars. Which insanely is just over £2. I guess you could say that Kmart is a little bit like Primark is in England, the go to place for buying budget items. The thing I loved about this necklace when I bought it was that I had been looking for something like it for ages. I am obsessed with necklaces of this length - the in-between length of short and long - it falls perfectly below most of my top or dress necklines. The best necklaces for me are ones with simple colour schemes that can be worn with a whole variety of outfits and the design is not too complicated. This necklace has been worn at least 2 or 3 times a week since I have bought it - which just shows how versatile it is. Kmart you rock!

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