Clashing Time June Playlist

Clashing Time June Playlist

I recently read an article by Viv Groskop about the fact that people are just too busy these days. I laughed when reading that Viv believes people seem to be having their spare time organised by a doodle poll (the best website for organising people/events), as this is literally my life. In the late part of 2015 and the first part of 2016 I tried to organise my time to perfection, I didn't want to miss anyone or anything out, so this seemed like the only sensible option. Do you know what happened? I got burnt out, very quickly. What was worse was that it didn't just affect me, it affected some of my main relationships in my life. My boyfriend got infuriated that I had to schedule time to see him, my family got annoyed that I never had time to see them/relax, and also some friends found that I couldn't see them for a month. What kind of life is that? June is here now and I've learnt from the mistakes I have made so far this year - well at least I hope I have anyway.
My mum once said to me 'no time wasted is wasted time', and finally I understand what she means. If you need to relax and just do nothing, then don't see it as time where you could have been doing something else, you needed that time. Since I have changed my outlook on spare time, I have listened to a lot of beautiful music, sat on the sofa and relaxed. Today is my moment to advise anyone reading  this to make a cup of tea, grab a book or a magazine, take a seat in your favourite spot and listen to the playlist below. 
I promise you, you will thank me. 


Sophiekateblogs said...

I love having time just to chill! I'm such a grump if I don't! If I'm busy and I don't plan on chill time it just doesn't work going part time with work this year has made such a difference to my lifestyle! 😄 Lovely blog post Pippa!


Kelly said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like this! I feel like I never have a spare moment to just be these days...

Kelly x


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