Clashing Time tries the Bardot trend

Clashing Time tries the Bardot trend

Although I care a lot about my appearance, and also about fashion, I do tend to let trends pass me by without even an attempt at getting involved. Some trends I just don't think will suit me, so I let the real fashionistas rock them, whilst I stick with what I am comfortable with. Sometimes my decisions are associated with how much money I have in the bank, and sometimes my decisions are based on the fact that I don't think the trend is going to last very long. It is so difficult to tell whether you should invest in an item of clothing; because inevitably, it won't look good in a couple of months time. 
When the bardot top/dress trend came about, I was at first sceptical. As a lady with not-so-tiny boobs, a strapless number is always a bit of a struggle. You have to go through the quest of finding a strapless bra that doesn't fall down, or feel uncomfortable...or find an alternative contraption that doesn't make you look completely flat as a pancake *the struggle is real*. However, once I got past these boob issues, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bardot style top is actually incredibly flattering. 
There is definitely something nice about having your shoulders out in the open, all bare for everyone to see. I think it is quite an invigorating feeling to have a top on that balances perfectly on your arms and shows off a bit of skin (especially as it is very rare to have this opportunity in England!). I found this blue and white striped bardot top in Primark last month and was so impressed to see that Primark had given this trend a go...and that they had actually got it right! 
You can pop this top on with jeans, shorts, or a skirt, and you won't look like you are trying to hard - which is definitely what I love about it. As trends do come and go, having the opportunity to buy items that look effortlessly nice in any situation is such a joy to me! I am now converted to the bardot trend...are you? 
Top: Primark  |  Jeans: Primark  |  Lip stain: No 7  |  Ring: Pandora  |  Sunglasses: Specsavers  |  Shoes: Walmart Australia
Photos taken after the Camb Meet Up Catesby's Blogging Event.

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