Clashing Time dresses for an English Summer

Clashing Time dresses for an English Summer

I don't know if it is the same where you're from, but in Cambridge, it seems to be like we are having all four seasons in one day. When you walk out the front door you don't know whether you should be bringing an umbrella or suncream. As a result of the typically British inconsistent weather, I have come to the conclusion that although you can never be fully prepared for it, you can wear outfits at the moment which suit an in-between weather state. These outfits generally consist of a pair of jeans and a light blouse.  
This outfit was worn to the #InstaPrettyParty in Ramsey organised by the lovely Laydey Katabella a little while ago, and we shot these photos before heading to meet the other girls. I thought it was going to be a beautifully sunny day, so was about the leave the house in a dress, then I saw the clouds coming towards me. I ran back upstairs and chucked on this outfit, and was pretty pleased with how it came together. I have been living in these Primark jeans recently as they are a great for this time of year. They are a lighter colour than my Autumn/Winter jeans, and they have the added bonus of being slightly high waisted and a stretchy material. This combination makes them perfect for Summer as although they are fitted, they are light weight which means that you don't get too sweaty when the sun does come out. 
I paired these jeans with a loose white Primark blouse with a a cute bit of string at the top which can be worn either open or in a bow. This top is so versatile as you can wear it with jeans and shorts, or alternatively tucked into a skirt = perfect for all year round. I also like it because it can be dressed up with some smart black trousers and heels and still look acceptable to wear to work, or it can be worn in a more chilled way on the weekend like I have done in these pictures. Even though this top has quite a high neck, I am obsessed with the choker trend at the moment so I had to put on this New Look beauty. I have never been a huge person for accessorising, and tend to just stick to a necklace, or a bracelet, but hardly ever together. So when this simple choker trend came back from 1970's, I jumped at the chance to wear them with any outfit. I feel like they really add something to what could be seen as a fairly simple outfit. 
To finish off the look I added my bright red sleeveless Primark jacket and my Walmart open side shoes that I bought for a bargain in Australia earlier in the year. So many people I know don't see the point in sleeveless jackets, and let's face it, they don't have much use. I personally love them though as I feel like they give you the opportunity to add something extra to your look, and they are the perfect staple item for a British Summertime when you don't want to go out with a coat, but don't also want to go out without anything. The thing I like about this jacket is that it gives a pop of summery colour to the outfit and compliments a light red lipstick too. What have you been wearing to dress for this Summer? I'd love to know in the comments!
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