Clashing Time: Finding the right bikini

Clashing Time: Finding the right bikini

I am so into body confidence at the moment. When you've been through a bit of an emotional time it is so important to make sure that you are happy in yourself so that you can go out there and take on the world. I know I could do a lot more to make myself feel positive about my body, but I am the first to admit that exercise has never really been my forte. I maintain my hourglass figure through a balanced diet - meaning that I don't not eat certain yummy but bad for you foods, but instead if I do indulge, then the next few days will be spent eating healthier. My shape is rather unusual (in my eyes) as for my relatively slim body (8/10), I have a 32E cup size. This means that finding a bikini for going on holiday is not that easy. Most shops do bikinis in clothing sizes, which means I would need to get about a 14 in a bikini top for the cup, but the waist would be way to big. It also means that I can't really buy triangle bikinis, unless they are the very expensive ones, as it wouldn't be very supportive (and I would definitely fall out). 
Over the years I have resorted to buying wire bikinis (much like a bra), as they feel the most comfortable and I don't have to worry as much about movement. I have searched high and low for the perfect bikini top, have spent vast quantities of money, and have normally ended up being quite disappointed...until now! Who would have thought that I would not only find a perfectly fitting bikini from a supermarket, but also for an absolute bargain? This little black number is from ASDA and cost less than £10 for both the bikini top and bottoms. Asda seem to have made it their mission to cater for women of all shapes and sizes this summer, and I for one could not be happier! I used to have to spend a small fortune on a bikini top that would end up with wires uncomfortably sticking in to me, the waist not being tight enough, or just being an ugly print. 
Now I can walk round the pool feeling confident in a black bikini, knowing that I am not only supported...but also a little bit sexy! Never did I expect that Asda would be the answer to my problems. There must have been a woman in their design department who had had enough of creating bikinis for 'normal sizes' - thank god! I love the simple detail on this bikini, as you can wear it as a halter neck, or take the straps down and wear it as strapless if you don't want any tan lines. It also has a girly touch with the black string bow in the middle. 
As I have an hourglass figure, it means that my waist is much smaller than my hips. This means that when I pick up bikini bottoms, they often emphasise my 'muffin tops' (that always makes me laugh) because they tend to be made for people with no curves. Asda have paired this gorgeous bikini top with bottoms that are created in a high-rise style, which means that they are a lot more flattering as they sit higher on your legs and hips. Normal bikini bottoms tend to sit below your hip bone, which can allow for any 'problem areas' to be on show...but these beauties don't! Although they look like they hardly cover anything on the front because they sit so high on your hips, they make up for it on the back as the material covers the whole of your bottom. 
Thank you to Asda for providing me with the perfect little black bikini to make me feel comfortable and happy! I had previously been apprehensive about wearing a bikini on holiday, but this set has made me feel like I can stroll around in Marrakech with confidence and 'pizazz'. Have you picked up any fab bikinis for your holidays this summer? Let me know in the comments!


Hannah said...

I ADORE supermarket bikinis - they fit hourglass shapes so much better than other shops I have found. Love this bikini - it's a real classic! Hope you are having the best time in Marrakesh! XXX

Unknown said...
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