Clashing Time plays dress up at Lilac Rose

Clashing Time plays dress up at Lilac Rose

A couple of weeks ago, a few of the Camb Meet Up bloggers were invited along to the loveliest little store in Cambridge. Lilac Rose is a women's clothes, jewellery and accessories shop in the city centre and it is the go-to shop for presents for any woman in your life. Lilac Rose aims to source beautiful products to suit everyone, and I feel like the way you can tell that they have achieved this is by the fact that every time I go in there, I say 'Oooh I like that' about 10 times. Since they opened in 2010 I have bought so many cute items from here, and when I need to get something for an especially girly friend, then I know I will head here over anywhere else. They sell everything from books and stationery, through to jewellery and clothing - a one stop shop.
One of their favourite designers that they stock is the beautifully feminine Emily and Fin, and we had the pleasure of meeting the Sales Manager of Emily and Fin during the evening. The brand launched in 2002 when two friends decided that they had had enough of badly fitting women's clothing, so they thought the best thing to do would be to create clothing that concentrates on not only the quality, but the fit as well. As I had invited some ladies along to the evening, I was asked to play dress up so that I could show off their upcoming collection. The thing I like about the clothing is that each item is so unique and quirky. I think that the dresses in particular are the kind of dresses that I would pull out of my wardrobe on a sunny day and would feel super comfortable in it, and as if I could take on the world. Emily and Fin definitely had that idea in mind and intentionally created each design with features that are aimed at making you feel confident. 
They aim to make flattering clothing for all sizes and provide for size 6-18. It is so refreshing to hear about a company that cares so much about each individual body type, and tries to cater to them in every item. As a lady with a stereotypically hourglass figure, I love any item of clothing that accentuates my smaller waist, and Emily and Fin definitely does that. Unfortunately when me and one of the Lilac Rose staff members tried on the dresses, they didn't fit us perfectly, so we had to pull the designs in at the back. I think that this demonstrated how versatile the items are though as you can add a belt and completely transform the dress shape, depending on your figure. I had such a nice evening playing dress up with Lilac Rose in Cambridge, and it was really lovely to find out about a brand that I didn't already know about. Blogging gives you so many exciting opportunities, and I am grateful each and every day for that. If you are in Cambridge any time soon, definitely head to Bridge Street and check out Lilac Rose for yourself!

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