Exploring Cambridge with Olympus

Exploring Cambridge with Olympus

A couple of months ago I headed back to Cambridge to meet up with some girls from Camb Meet Up for an exciting afternoon wandering round the city. One of our members, Alice, had very kindly organised a fantastic outing for us in conjunction with Olympus and Campkins Cameras, and I was very excited! We met at the store on King's Parade and were greeted by David Smith, an Olympus tech specialist, who was ready and waiting for us all to try out the new Olympus Pen E-PL 8. Check out these little beauties...
I have the previous version (EP 7) and even though I've had it a couple of months, I am still very much getting to grip with it after being a Canon user for many years. Having the opportunity to give the new version a go could only be a benefit to me as the functionality of Olympus cameras are pretty much the same - so I was very eager to take home all the tips I could! I sometimes think that I learn the best through actually playing around with a gadget myself and through being with other people who are doing the same, so listening to what the others were finding out was really beneficial for me.
Cambridge is beautiful all year round, with stunning green spaces, old historic buildings, and lots of little independent shops, but we were even luckier to be able to explore the streets in gorgeous sunshine! As Brits, having nice weather definitely helps to put everyone in a good mood. It's amazing the difference it can make when you get a glimpse of sunshine through the clouds. This day seemed as if the sun was shining down on us, encouraging us to get snap happy and document the city, and each other in the best light. I find that surrounding yourself with people who are enthusiastic about blogging, YouTube and cameras is really inspiring. It makes me so grateful to have such an awesome community around me, and to have been able to have such a fun day out with them because of Campkins and Olympus. 
As this is typically a compact camera, and is ideal for a person who is an entry level photographer, there are many basic features that allow you to take pictures nicely without having to divert away from the automatic features. Olympus itself even claims that they created the camera with content creators in mind, as it a stylish camera which is easy to use. There aren't too many buttons or dials, so it is perfect for someone who is a little bit intimidated by too many camera options, but still wants to learn how to capture a great image. The menus are a little confusing if you've never played around with an Olympus camera before, but I think I need to sit down with the instructors and work out which settings are in which section. 
The main things that i'm pleased that I learnt was about adding blur to photos when i'm taking them, rather than in post-editing. This has made such a difference when I'm shooting products at events, or out and about. All bloggers love a bit of blur, so knowing that I can do it with a basic kit lens is really exciting. Another thing that's super helpful is brightening your image, and changing the temperature of the picture before you take it. You can change the exposure in darker rooms or later at night, and they still come out really clearly - result! The wifi option is also ingenious. It allows you to take a picture and post it on your website or social media within a couple of minutes through the Olympus app. I understand why so many bloggers have picked these cameras up purely for that feature! When you have a specific theme going on and you want to maintain posting pictures with good clarity then you can do with only a few clicks.
Thank you to Campkins and Olympus! I had the best day out and I can't wait to explore the Olympus Pen features more every time I take it out to play. 

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Amanda said...

I'm a Canon girl at the moment, but I'd absolutely love to make the switch over to Olympus! x


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