Getting crafty with embroidery

Getting crafty with embroidery

I have been loving the embroidered trend that's been around for the last year, and I'm really glad to see that it has stayed around for so long through A/W last year and S/S this year. Stores have embroidered everything in sight and I think that it can add something really special to an minimal outfit. I am quite a big fan of a simple stylish look, so adding a pair of embroidered boots, or an embroidered bag can completely transform the look! One evening I was feeling adventurous and thought that I would see if I could recreate one of these amazing embroidered looks myself by getting a little crafty. 
 I spent hours googling how on earth I would do it and after quite a few youtube tutorials and pinterest board searches, I worked it out! The first stumbling block was that I didn't know what item of clothing I would want to do a DIY on....a skirt would look lovely, but I am quite particular about skirts so I didn't want to screw that one up; then I thought I could get a cheap clutch bag, but then I realised I couldn't be trusted ironing on to fake leather or fake suede. So I had a look through my wardrobe and realised that my go-to casual day outfit is a comfortable shirt, and I have been loving the simple fitted shirts appearing in every shop. 
As I own a couple of nice shirts already, I thought I would head to Primark to pick up a fairly inexpensive light blue one, in case I completely ruined it! I searched around the internet to try and find the perfect floral design, and eventually bought a patch from eBay for a couple of pounds. I got the iron out to stick the design on with some webbing from Poundland and I was amazed that it only a couple of minutes to do. You cut the webbing out and place it on the back of areas you want to stick down, not forgetting to get bits in to the corners where it may become undone through wearing it.
I was so pleased with the result of my crafty afternoon, so I filmed a little OOTD video whilst out in Kensington to show it off. Let me know what you think! 


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

I love embroidery! Particularly on a good pair of ankle boots!

Hope you are well Pippa! We need to do those group drinks soon! x


ImogenRose said...

This is so beautiful! Super creative too. xx Imogen


Wilcom Studio said...

There are TONS of different stabilizers, all for different uses, and this element can make or break the quality of your stitching. In the past I thought my machine was the issue when a design didn't turn out smooth. Digitizing

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Mozmee007 said...

Like she likes to dress up.

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