Taking some time for reflection

Taking some time for reflection

 Today's blog post is a bit of a strange one as I am writing this from an airplane. Obviously I'm not actually posting it from the air, but I'm writing down my thoughts in notes on my phone whilst on a 13 hour flight to Bali. I'm 6 hours in and although I've spent 2 hours of that watching a movie, the majority of this flight so far has been spent staring out of the window and thinking. 
The last few weeks in London have been so mad and I feel like I've hardly had any time for reflection. It's been so nice to just sit here for a couple of hours listening to music and thinking about all the time that has so quickly passed me by over the last few months to a year. I hate to be one of those people, but can you actually believe that we are almost at the end of the year already? How the hell did that happen? 
 A couple of months ago I got a little mindfulness book from my friend Cara for my birthday and it says so much about the benefits of taking time to clear your mind and reflect - as it provides you with more thoughtful decision making about things currently happening, but also provides closure for things that need to be left in the past. That could be something small like worrying over a piece of work that you felt you could have done better on, or something bigger like a disagreement with a friend or an old relationship break down. We need to all remember how important it is to do a post-situational analysis on things that happen in life in order to work out how we can learn from them. After all, each day comes with new lessons and mistakes, so if you don't take time to reflect on them then you're just going to move so quickly that you spiral out of control without a second thought.
It needs to be recognised that being an adult can be a daily struggle. We live in a world where there are so many pressures from every angle; whether that's financial, mental, dietary, career related...god the list goes on. If I am completely honest, I don't know how we all get out of bed in the morning and go to work with the amount of stuff hanging over our heads. It is tough because I know full well that the older generations think that 'millennials' always make out as if life is so difficult...but actually it bloody is! We are all often made to feel like being you isn't good enough because the moment you feel good about something, another thing comes by, hits you in the face and knocks you for six. 
I guess this post (/rant) is a little acknowledgement to everyone - because I need to tell you that I'm proud of you. Try and take some time out of your busy life to reflect on that fact that although things aren't perfect, and there are elements of your life that you'd probably like to change...you're doing a bloody great job of keeping your head above water with the way things currently are. As strange as it sounds, I'm really glad that we all have our imperfect lives, because it means we are real, and we struggle with real problems which we each can learn from. They make you stronger as a person and allow you to go on to tackle life by kicking butt, and that is very inspiring.

Being up in the clouds for so long literally forces you to take a step back from everything, and I feel like mentally I have been so productive. I've thought about work, friends, money, relationships, food, music, clothes, my social calendar...so much. My brain has been positively working out what I'm doing with my life, where I want to be, and how I'm going to get there. Although you probably won't be able to jump on a plane to do the same, why not grab a cup of tea, sit down and makes some notes about the things you want to reflect on? Let your brain do it, I promise you'll feel better afterwards.
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