Wrapping up

Wrapping up

I don't know about you, but i'm bloody freezing pretty much all the time. I'm that person who wears socks to bed (and sometimes a jumper). I'm that person who has gloves in their bag for most of the year as I always feel like my fingers are going to fall off. I'm that person who can't sit on the sofa without a blanket cascaded all over me. In short, I get cold A LOT. When you're inside, you can wrap yourself up in all the cosy things you can find in your room, but when you're forced to leave the house for annoying things like work or social occasions, then you're a bit stuck when it comes to being warm AND looking nice. I know that when it gets to September, us Brits all have the same predicament where we don't want to give up entirely on the chance of some final summer sunshine, but we are also very realistic about the fact that within a few days, the temperature will drop, it starts bucketing it down with rain, and all public transport will be ruined for ridiculous reasons like too many leaves or frozen tracks. So despite us now being on the other side of winter and *supposedly* one step closer to some sunshine, I thought i'd share one of my favourite looks that i'm wearing at the moment, one that has helped me stay wrapped up and looking nice over the last few months. 
The cream knitted jumper. Is there anything better? You can have slim fitting ones, or slouchy over-sized ones, and yet they still look really awesome. The thing I love about my H&M knit is that it goes with pretty much anything. It's long enough to fall down below my bum (meaning it's hiding my really stylish under clothes situation of a top tucked in to my jeans) and also has nicely fitted sleeves which aren't too long and aren't too short. It has some slight detailing to it, but it isn't so over the top that it is a statement jumper. And finally, it is super cosy. It's the perfect jumper for chucking on under a big coat or a light jacket, and has been my go-to item for the last few years. I got this baby in a charity shop for £4 and I would definitely say that it has been one of my best finds. If you're ever looking for great jumpers then please do check out your local charity shops (especially if you don't mind a bigger fit), there are so many great places selling amazing big knits for everyone, but with a tiny price tag which means you can't say no. 

I have so many scarfs (probably too many), and as someone who is always cold, I wear them with pretty much every outfit. A monochrome one is an obvious key item to have because it can be worn with pretty much any coloured coat or big jumper. This big scarf is an old one from Peacocks, but i've found a really similar one from H&M here. This scarf has been through a lot with me - been a hair protector in the wind and rain, has been a blanket on cold trains and flights, and has done a great job of keeping my neck warm through all weathers. I'm a big believer in getting a big scarf for all occasions, as you never knew when it's going to be needed for multi-purpose use! This little Chloe dupe bag is an eBay bargain after seeing it on Vipxo.co.uk. Believer it or not, it was only about £11 and has lasted me so well. Get yours here!
I've been living in my black high-wasited jeans as they work with pretty much any look i'm going for, but when it's chilly outside, i've been pairing them with some over the knee black boots (with huge fluffy socks underneath), and i've been good to go. Get yourself a comfortable pair of over the knee boots and you'll be wearing them for years to come. Whether you get heeled ones or flat ones, black boots add a new element to a very simple outfit of a cream jumper and jeans. This whole look works perfectly for weekend brunches, a visit to see a friend, or a quick trip out of the city. As much as i'm looking forward to feeling the sun on my face, i'm also sad to be putting away my big knits for a few months! What has been your go-to cosy outfit this winter? Let me know in the comments below! CTx

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Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Pippa, you are my soul sister! I feel the cold too and can really relate to the need for bed socks, blankets and scarves, and having gloves in my bag 24/7. Fingers crossed we won't have too much longer of this cold snap! x


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