Why I'm Doing #WalkInHerShoes

Why I'm Doing #WalkInHerShoes

10,000 steps a day does not sound like a lot to most people. However if you're like one of the many people like me who use public transport and then sit on their bums all day in an office, then it is embarrassing how few steps you're able to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Until recently I had never even thought about how far I was walking each day, or how much time I spent sitting versus walking. I always thought that if I was eating good (enough) food and doing my yoga once or twice a week then I was surely living a healthy lifestyle. Well I was wrong! Sitting around for more than eight hours a day can be associated with diabetes, heart disease, issues with blood pressure...the list goes on. However if you're able to swap your habits and walk around a little bit more during your day then you can counter all those problems and more! 

A few months ago I heard about Care International, a charity working to fight poverty in 94 countries, after seeing their signs at International Women's Day in London. I discovered that they do a number of fundraising projects throughout the year which focus on helping women and girls who are affected by poverty and discrimination - and they have been doing some incredible things so far. I think it is very easy to go about your normal life and not think about women in other countries who are exactly the same age as you, but living their life in a very different way. I wake up in my comfortable bed, go to work using my oyster card on the tube, and then sit in my nice warm office all day long earning money to pay my bills. I don't have issues with buying myself lunch, or accessing clean water. I don't have issues with putting clothes on my back or makeup on my face. I am fortunate in the sense that I do not have to face any extreme discrimination because I am a woman. Yet I'm sure you'll all aware that this is not the case for a lot of women and girls in other countries.

So I thought I would try and do my bit. Care International run a project called Walk In Her Shoes, a fundraising opportunity that asks you to walk 10,000 steps every day for one week (16-22nd April).
Why? Well every day thousands of women and girls, all over the world, have no choice but to walk many miles to fetch water for their families, and that water that is often dirty. Their daily routine deprives them of the chance to have an education, a job, and traps them in a cycle of poverty. Isn't it crazy to think that by purely not having water available to them, so much of their life could be affected?

By getting involved in Walk In Her Shoes, I'm helping to raise money that will be put towards building wells and water pumps closer to rural communities so that women and girls don’t have to spend their days walking for water, and can plan for a better future. And it's so simple! All I had to do to be involved was pay 5 pounds to enter, and then speak to my friends and family about sponsoring me. You're asked to try and raise at least 100 pounds before the 22nd April as Care are working with the government who have said that they will match any donations submitted before then. But I'm hoping I'll be able to get some more money in before the end of the week!

So from now on I'll be trying to take the stairs instead of the lift, I'll be walking up the escalator instead of standing to one side and looking at my phone, I'll be taking a quick 5 minute break to walk to the shops over lunch instead of ordering in. And if I'm able to help even a little bit then it will have been totally worthwhile! Care International's projects have led to an increase in girls’ school enrolment, improved school performance and reduced incidences of violence against girls collecting water. So I definitely think this is a good project to get involved with. If you want to help me change the lives of women around the world then please feel free to sponsor me here.

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