So I've started a podcast...

So I've started a podcast...

A few months ago I was round at my friend Kat's house and we were drinking a lot of prosecco. We wanted to film a video for her youtube channel all about internet dating so we sat down in front of the camera to have a bit of a chin wag about our individual experiences. A few hours later after we'd finished (talking, giggling and drinking) we drunkenly decided that it would be a really good idea to turn the audio from this video in to a podcast! After all...what was the worst that could happen? We loved the way that our three different experiences and opinions worked well together on the recording, and thought that it would be good to move forward discussing a whole host of subjects. It seems that when you've had a couple of bottles of prosecco and lots of sweets and snacks, the impossible seems a hell of a lot more possible. Well I'm so grateful that our intoxicated conversation turned in to a reality, because eight episodes later and it looks like this is a proper thing now! The Prosecco Sessions was born. 

We now share weekly podcast episodes (started fortnightly) on a Sunday morning on subjects that interest us and record whenever we can whilst drinking a glass of fizz or two during recording. The hosts consist of me, Laura from LovedByLaura and Kat from ShesAGentry, and we're a pretty good team if I don't say so myself! We all live in different places, are all different ages, and all do completely different job roles - which makes for a really interesting conversation from three women with different lives. We each have different family situations, different relationship histories, and different likes and dislikes, and it means that we can add perspectives that maybe one of us hadn't thought about before. We pick a subject for each episode and spend a few days beforehand thinking about it and looking in to anything in particular that we want to bring up. Then we come together and get chatting for a couple of hours and pick the best bits for you to listen to!

I'd like to believe that each podcast episode sounds like a conversation with three friends. Maybe you're sat in your bedroom cleaning your room, or moving around in your kitchen making some food - well The Prosecco Sessions aims to be the perfect podcast to have on in the background. We will hopefully make you laugh as we giggle our way through the recording (we have to edit a lot of that out) and we'll hopefully make you think. The topics we have selected haven't been especially ground breaking in terms of news or politics, but instead we've selected subjects that we want to talk about as three modern day women. Some of our episodes so far have focused on things like burnout, body image, making friends as adults, the power of makeup...the list goes on. We aim to give you around 40 minutes of enjoyable listening, and want to leave you with some interesting information and opinions. 

We're going to go up to ten episodes in each series, and then have a few weeks off to come up with new ideas and take a little rest from recording and editing. If you have any specific subjects that you'd be interested in us discussing then please do let us know! We are constantly coming up with new ideas and we each get far too excited in the run up to actually talking about it, so we'd love your involvement. 

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Hope you like it! CTx

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Georgia Artus said...

Good luck with it!!! <3 <3

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