Eight reasons why everyone should be watching Queer Eye

Eight reasons why everyone should be watching Queer Eye

I don't watch TV shows religiously and I'm not the kind of person to stay in to watch something I love, so Netflix and catch up is absolutely perfect for me - especially on the go. I normally tend to watch one thing consistently until I finish a series, and then move on to something new after a recommendation from a friend. Netflix gives me the opportunity to watch things as and when I choose, and I love the flexibility it offers me. With my latest addiction I am ashamed that I am so late to the game as I genuinely don't know how on earth I missed watching it for so long! So let me introduce you to a show that pretty much everyone has been talking about over the last few months...

Queer Eye is a Netflix original series which is 'more than a makeover' show. Each episode shows the "Fab Five" advise men (and sometimes women) on fashion, grooming, food, culture and design in order to try and give them a new lust for life and help them achieve their life goals. It might sound like a bit of a silly show with a simple concept, but actually it goes so much deeper than the superficial. It looks at how people can get stuck in a rut and often they can't get out of it without a little bit of help - which is where the fab five come in. Here are my eight reasons why you should start watch Queer Eye right away.

1. It's a show that celebrates homosexuality and emphasises that people who are not heterosexual are no different from anyone else. Although the show highlights some of the prejudice that they have felt during their lives, they also discuss how they always come out fighting. There's no doubt that there are still issues throughout the world with people disagreeing with homosexuality, but I think shows like this are fantastic at opening the minds of those who choose not to accept equality for all. If a redneck from the US can welcome five gay men in to his life and sob like a little baby when they leave, then surely we can expect an attitude change from other people too?

2. They draw from their own experiences to help others. There's no point preaching to someone if you can't relate in any way, so I love how the guys talk about their own lives in each episode. They discuss the struggles that they've been through in order to help the person understand the importance of change in their life. One episode showed Bobby talking about the exclusion he felt from the church when he came out, but the show demonstrates that although things aren't always easy, the love and kindness of most of the people around you normally shines through when you give them a chance. When he needed it the most, his family and friends rallied round him and that was enough.

3. It focuses on men who have lost their way, and highlights that it is just as important for them to take care of themselves as it is for a woman. Why is it that women are the only ones who can make themselves feel nice with a bit of moisturiser and hair products? Men deserve to feel handsome and proud of themselves for a nice outfit and a good haircut as well. Tan (fashion expert) and Jonathan (grooming expert) come in and work their magic on men who aren't making an effort with their appearance anymore and I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they look in the mirror at the end. It can sometimes be something as simple as trimming a beard and using some face cream and the men look and feel like a different person. It's great that they are encouraging men to educate themselves on quick and easy ways to make themselves feel comfortable in their own skin.

4. It introduces people to a different way of thinking about their current situation - and doesn't try to change people too much, but instead improve them. Karamo Brown (culture expert) aims to work with each person on their attitude to life. Whether they are lazy, helpless in love, feeling overwhelmed or neglected...each person has their own problems that they are dealing with and Karamo comes in to help. He basically pulls together all of the other guys efforts and concludes the transformation by showing how they can control their future by being more positive and grateful. He often makes people cry when they realise how accurate he is about them after only a few days, but his honesty and kind words help to enlighten people and change their mindset forever.

5. It shows how important your living environment is for your general sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. There's no doubt that I feel so much better when I come home to a clean and tidy house, so why should it be any different for anyone else? Being excited to spend time in your own home is such a great feeling, and each person is shown how valuable it is to have a space you're proud of. Bobby (design expert) is a genius as he takes all different types of properties (rented and owned) and transforms them in to a liveable space that incorporates elements from the persons life and personality. He provides convenient storage to hide all their belongings and reduce clutter - all in the hope of providing them with a more spacious home to create new memories in.

6. It tries to emphasise how important it is to treat your body right through eating good food. It isn't just about how you look on the outside, but also about how you feel on the inside. Antoni (food and wine expert) tries to enrich their lives by helping them to enjoy the process of preparing food, and tries to make it part of their regular routine. The excitement on their faces when they see other people being proud of them is so beautiful and makes me want to be more skilled in the kitchen too. Antoni explores why they haven't been cooking well and shows them how easy it can be to make simple changes that will have a great impact on their body. Sometimes it is as small as explaining how much better it is for you to make your own guacamole rather than buying a store version - something you'd never think much of.

7. The Fab Five don't just try to help an individual personally, but they also put steps in place to help the individual with a project or to achieve a goal they have. Whether that's re-doing a community centre, or helping with their relationships, the Fab Five look at how the things that are important to them also need a bit of a boost every so often. In the first episode of the new series, the Fab Five completely renovate a church building that was going to be used as a place for families to come to get to know their community. Another episode showed them helping with planning a party and an auction, all with the intention of pulling the person out of the hole they are in and showing them how great life can be.

8. The show gives you ALL the feels. Without fail you end up grinning from ear to ear or crying tears of joy as you see the transformation that each person goes through. You see them grow in confidence, develop a new sense of style, be proud in their environment, be healthier in their eating and in their mindset, and most of all, generally feeling like they can tackle the world head on - all in the space of a week. If that doesn't convince you to want to watch it then I genuinely do not know what will. It's a gorgeous show and I genuinely hope that they keep making more and more episodes as I can't get enough of it!


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It introduces people to a different way of thinking about their current situation - and doesn't try to change people too much, but instead improve them.


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Good job.

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