Why travel is always a good idea

Why travel is always a good idea

I really love London, I always have done. Moving to work here has been one of the best decisions I've ever made - but sometimes it's bloody good to leave. I've had some amazing experiences since I've moved from Cambridge over two years ago and I genuinely feel grateful all the time that I get to be here. The only issue with it is that there is SO much to do that you end up feeling a bit overwhelmed from time to time and need to escape for a little while to reset your batteries in order to be able to cope with it all. I know that this must sound like serious 'first world problems' as I do 100% recognise how fortunate I am to spend my time in one of the most amazing cities in the world, but at the same time I want to take a moment to explore why sometimes it can be a great thing to escape.

A few months ago I spotted a journalist I follow on social media asking people to contribute to an article she was writing titled 'How travelling can impact our mental health'. Unbelievably, I was fortunate enough to have a few paragraphs in the article in Stylist Magazine, and when I was writing the email over to her it really got me thinking about how true it is. I don't travel that often but when I do it means so much to me and I feel so much more gratitude for it because it's been a while since my last trip. Below is a snippet from my space in the article so I hope you like it!

"Travel helps me restore my faith in myself"

London can be an incredibly overwhelming place to live, so it’s refreshing to escape from the city, even if you don’t travel to another country. You can leave your London worries behind and go off to discover new cities, foods, views and new people. It can be a great reminder that sometimes the dramas of London are very trivial, and actually the most important things in life are very simple.

It’s also amazing to explore new places and expand your global knowledge. When you get on a plane and fly off to a new location, you are opening yourself up to a whole variety of opportunities. Whether you follow all the tourist-y suggestions, or go off-piste and try to find new places to visit, it is all one big adventure for a couple of days.

On the whole, travel makes you feel alive. You’re transported to a new location, which can really help you to get out of your mind for a little while. Travel allows you to be overwhelmed with new delights - sights, sounds, smells, etc. I work in the city, but try to book as many little trips as I can afford throughout the year as it is so rewarding to take yourself off to ‘find yourself’ somewhere new (as cliché as that sounds).

Taking care of your mental wellbeing is crucial in an age of comparison and self-doubt, so if you can, put the essentials in a bag and run off to a different place. It can help to restore your faith in yourself, even if just for a few days.


My next trip might be over Christmas and i'm getting so excited looking at flights and hotel reviews. When you're feeling a bit stuck, a little trip away could be all you need to reset the balance and help you to see life differently. Fingers crossed this trip goes ahead as i'm already feeling so good about the potential for exploring new lands! How do you feel about travelling? Let me know in the comments below.

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