Time to be a bit more realistic

Time to be a bit more realistic

With a new year always comes hopes and dreams of becoming a ‘new’ person for some. As if I’m going to start being on time to things or join a gym, although I think we all know that I’m probably not going to do those things. But one thing has been rolling around in my brain for a little while and that’s about all the things I’m not reading, viewing, posting, listening to etc. It could be a podcast that I’ve had on my iPhone for months but I’ve never listened to one episode because whenever I have the opportunity to listen to a podcast I always go to my favourites. Or alternatively, it could be that someone recommended a great show to me ages ago and I never got round to it but i've been beating myself about not watching it for months.

Now I’m all for opening yourself up to new things an broadening your horizons, but have you ever heard of the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’? I’m a bit of a creature of habit so I kind of feel like until the things I’m doing go drastically wrong or I get bored, then maybe I need to be a bit more realistic about what’s achievable. One thing I bang on about it how there just isn’t enough time to do everything, but despite preaching to the choir, I still try to achieve more than possible. 

So today, I am unsubscribing to a hell of a lot of podcasts, I am unsubscribing from the newsletters that I forever say I’m going to read and then never get round to when they pop up, I am unfollowing those YouTubers who I never watch when they upload because I know I’m going to go to my favourites every time. Then I'm going to cull anything else that I feel inspired to get rid of. WHAT FREEDOM. How much more fulfilling could it be if I didn't feel overwhelmed by all the many things I could be consuming? Well, I am bloody excited to find out.

It's not at all to do with the fact that I don't want to have all of these things, it's just that it seriously isn't possible. There is just too much stuff out there! So I feel like I just need to have a pretty stern chat with myself about not over committing and then telling myself off about it afterwards. If someone says ‘have you listened to x?’ I should be able to just say ‘no I haven’t, would you recommend it?’ and listening to that one thing rather than going home straight away to consume their recommendation and more. I’m not a ‘failure’ for not having a spare 10 hours a week to listen to all the extra podcasts. I’m certainly not a ‘failure’ for not reading the many Marketing Week emails that come through in the morning. And if anything I’m the opposite of a ‘failure’ for putting a bit more realism in to my day and for doing some Marie Kondo-ing on my life.

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