Clashing Time

Clashing Time

Ive been with my boyfriend for 9 months now, and I have read all over the internet that you shouldnt blog about loved ones. But I cant help but talk or write about him. Its like word vomit, anything and everything about him interests me. I could feel it today, a real Mean Girls moment when the words were forcing themselves out. I was at lunch with friends and talking about whats going to happen when we get to university, a sad conversation for all couples and friends but it has to be talked about. I could not stop talking and I could see that my friends were slightly confused. For me, my life for the next few years is pretty much set up; doing exams, getting results then going to University after hopefully getting the results I need. But I cant imagine my life without my boyfriend and my best friends - The Three Musketeers as we like to be known and all my other non college best mates so its hard not to talk about it. Ive got so used to my life at the moment and if im completely honest then im really happy! I am the usual clingy and lively girlfriend/friend who gets a teeny bit annoyed if my plans dont fit with everyone elses but that is what Clashing Time is all about. Trying to fit everything in with the little time I have! So the whole point of this post is that whilst I think about how life is about to change, I should try to remember how good life is at the moment!
I hope you all agree :)

Favourite Celebrity Outfit at the moment:
Zoe Saldana At The 'Avatar' World Premiere, London.
Dress by Roland Mouret.


Dejana • shopsterium.com said...

It's such a great dress, I'll have to agree :)

Lia said...

Thank you!
Your blog is o cute!!:) I'm following!

Anonymous said...

love it darling
so gorgeous, love the blog as always
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

fadetoblack said...

great dress!!


Natalie Suarez said...

omg how cute! i love ur little collage with u and ur boyfriend! :)


tobes said...

i luv thhis dress so much!!!

Vix said...

Sweet post! It's good to appreciate happiness.
The dress is perfect.

Emma x said...

Fab post, its so hard going away to uni and leaving boyfriends and friends, but the time flies by. Enjoy what you have at the moment x

Siru said...

It's now my second year on my own and though life isn't easy breeze always I have enjoyed my freedom far better than collage. Though I've spend the time studing fashion and living with my bf, might have something to do with it. Finding the time to see old friends is definitely pain in the ass, But with good ones it doesn't matter.

9 months, huh? Those are still the sweet times, when you still don't know everything about each other and things are exciting everywhere where he is. It passes (not that it's a bad thing) so enjoy it to the fullest.

And btw Roland was my first fashion love.

juliet xxx

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Such a cute post - you sound JUST like me! I really wish you could've come to PUNK, it was amazing! I'll be doing my post about it on Sunday or Monday, or add me on facebook to see all the photos! facebook.com/london.rose

♥ Hannah



Paint it Black said...

I have left an award for you on my blog xx

tobes said...

i luv the picture collageing :) those are really gd quality photos

Carly said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment !
you should get some of your work up on here, I'd love to see it :)
It helps to get feedback too :)
xoxo - carly.


Kathryn Sutton said...

As someone in her third year of university, I want to reassure you that it is possible to keep relationships (both romantic and friendly) going at uni, but you also meet new and equally amazing people and have the time of your life! In lots of ways I'm closer to my friends from home than ever before and it just means we make the most of the time we spend together! Life will inevitably change a lot over the next few years, but the people that mean the most will stick around :)

Anyway, I have just stumbled across your blog and like what I see - I'll be back!



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