Winner :)

Winner :)

So...my first blogging win :) I decided to enter this a few days ago....

And it turns out that the gorgeous Hannah Rose from http://london--rose.blogspot.com/  thought that I should be one of her three winners!!! The prize was to win a "VIP night out with me, for you and a friend? Complete with free clothes, free drinks, free gifts, lots of surprises, and all at a top celebrity haunt in Soho" Which to any girl sounds absolutely AMAZING. So I could not help myself when entering!

It is all going to be held at PUNK nightclub in Soho, London on Wednesday 9th December - http://www.punksoho.co.uk/ . But I got the TERRIBLE news today that Hannah also found out, ALL WINNERS HAVE TO BE 18!!! So even though I am pretty much 18 in everyway apart from my birthday is in actually january, I cannot go :( But fortunately for someone else, they may be winning the greatest night ever!!

Her blog link is above, this is a little bit from her about me section, just makes me want to read every blog she posts!!! 'Hannah Rose, 19 years old, London. Fashion addict. Oh so vintage/rock chick! Sometimes edgy, sometimes grungey, sometimes eclectic, but always with a touch of glam. A girlie girl but with an edge. She has the best friends ever, be jealous. They mean everything to her. Big hair && big lashes = ♥. Big dreams of becoming a stylist someday. She's the kind of girl who will burst out laughing because of something that happened the day before. What Hannah wants, Hannah gets. She's independent. && she loves meeting new people, so introduce yourself bitch!'


H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

I'm so sad you can't come :( and SO SORRY x
Butttt a few of us Bloggers are having a meet-up in London if you want to come to that instead? I'm organising it with my friend Kristabel (iwantyoutoknow.co.uk), one on Saturday the 12th and one on Wednesday the 16th. The one on Saturday will be near Oxford Street in a gorgeous little pattesserie, then shopping after. And the Wednesday one will be somewhere in Covent garden. Not as fancy as Punk but you're welcome to come to either of those instead! There'll be about 5-10 fashion bloggers at each.

I hope the prize I send you will make up for missing out on PUNK, I'll try really hard to find you something good! Email me at sugar.gloss@googlemail.com with your address :)


Thanks for the lovely post x

♥ Hannah



St├ęphanie said...

Hello ! I 'm just in love with your blog !

Siru said...

So sad that you can't go! Sounds like amazing event!

juliet xxx

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