18 vs. 21.

18 vs. 21.

Today it was my belated birthday meal with the family and friends, but to add to the excitement, it was also my sisters birthday meal. My sister and I have the same birthday but three years apart so we thought we would have a big meal in a private room at one of our favourite restaurants and bring along a hand picked selection of friends and family. My sister lives in Edinburgh so it was SO nice to have her back here with us and especially for an occasion like this. The day was, as far as i'm concerned one of the best i've ever had, I was surrounded by the most important people in my life and I could not have gone any better. Everyone seemed so happy and I felt proud to know all of them.

We got onto the topic of what age is infact better and I thought I would ask you all...Are the advantages of being 18 and better than the advantages of being 21? I think YES
Buy cigarettes. Buy alcohol. Go Clubbing. Go to a strip club. Gambling. Ability to vote. Join the army. Get married. Buy adult movies. Get a credit card.
You can teach someone to drive as long as you have had your license for at least three years. Legal drinking age in the States
I wore...Topshop Sale Dress £8 - this dress is from before this season sale began and I bought it with the intention of completely changing it. When I got it, it had horrible see through sleeves, with the same pattern as on the front of the dress and they made it look like a dress from the 1940's! Myself and my mother worked away to carefully unpin the stitching and then she sewed it together to make sure that it was in line. I now love this dress and everyone said how lovely it look especially with the waisted area in the middle which accentuated my curves (which of course the boy adored). And as shown to the side I wore my birthday Faith Heels £27, featured in a previous post, that coincidentally went perfectly with the dress because of the bright colours.
Here's some pictures from the day, which unfortunately Milly from http://www.mlle-milly.blogspot.com/ could not come to due to illness :/ and Alice from http://lovebeau.blogspot.com/ because of work.
Two Best Friends. Lucie in a gorgeous cream lace Topshop dress.
Me and the boy ( very hungover )
My Sister and I with our cakes - had them since we were born.


Cherry said...

I've just been looking on the Topshop website for a dress quite similar to that, unfortunately the one I want is £28!

LillianZahra said...

I love that dress - such a clever alteration!
Looks like you had a lovely day :)

For me, turing 18 was far more significant but my parents thought 21 was the "big" birthday and I felt like much more of an adult when I turned 21 compared to turning 18. I think turning 18 was more fun though!! x

Emma x said...

The dress looks lovely on you, i love the shoes too. I think 18 was a better age, i think 21 is the moer traditional big birthday though. You are so pretty x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

you look stunning :) hope u had a lovely time.
I loved being 19, that was a good year for me. I dont like 18 because you've just turned it and ur still a 'baby' in peoples eyes. I however didn't love being 21 because its happened and now i'm 22 and thats just wrong and I feel old!
great post babe x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

U also have an award waiting for u on my blog babe :)
Steph x

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment!Huge congrats, you have an amazing hung over face and look soo sweet in your dress! Have to start following you so I don't miss a thing,so lovely finding another UK blogger, hoorah Sharon (UK) XX

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

such a pretty dress, and such a clever alteration! it's perfect :)

looks like you had so much fun - i can't believe you were born on the same day! crazyy!

♥ Hannah



tobes said...

wow loving the dress!! thanks for this post it's very helpfull i'm turning eighting soon and i don't actually know what i'm supposed to do but now you've mentioned it i'm V.excited!! hanks hun! ^_^ love your blog :)
happy bloging
xo tobes
and p.s great hair!

daisychain said...

I love that dress, what a bargain!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Cute dress.

Sammy-B said...

i cant believe you go that for £8 i love it! its so gorgeous im very jealous! im following this blog i actually love it :)



Blogger said...

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