Saturday night we went to the ball...

Saturday night we went to the ball...

So not quite the ball, but I went out clubbing and to some bars for my friends birthday. I haven't been very well all week but I thought I should put the effort in to go out and have some fun :)

I went dressed in a very simple way, simple black Topshop bodycon skirt with a Primark black long sleeved top tucked in, matched with a pink John Lewis belt made from a ribbon. I wore my ever loved Dorothy Perkins shoes which you cant see but I love :)

The main part of this outfit was the silver statement head piece from Accessorize :) I bought it on saturday at Lakeside when I went out with my mum and some friends. I had seen it on the website ages ago and really wanted to get it. It was a bit pricey at £7.99, but i completely think its worth it :) 

Now onto other matters. Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock for the new movie The Blind Side looked stunning in her purple Bottega Veneta dress on the red carpet. I noticed this because I saw her quote on the E! Website. Ryan Seacrest asked her why she just gave $1 million to Haiti, and Bullock downplayed it and said simply, "because I can."

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Unknown said...

Bullock is simply amazing!!! I luv her as an actress...for what she sas and does. We're actually going to see that movie tonight. Whoo-hoo!!!

I hope you feel better soon.

iris said...

I love headbands:) that one is so cute.
And you are beautiful

Steph & The Spaniels said...

you look super pretty, love the hair band
Steph x

LillianZahra said...

I love the simple outfit with the statement headband - looks great! x

Makeup Kitten said...

Cute belt and headband!


H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Sandra Bullock is just amazing! So inspiring.... I wish all actresses could be as down to earth, funny, caring and generous as her. & she looks STUNNING in that dress!

As do you in your dress :)

Looks like you had such a fun night, and I love your hairpiece



Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Love your hair! You look really nice with a side fringe :) xx

Jill said...

Cute outfit and headband!

I wish I had $1 mil. to donate

Anna said...

i heart your head piece :)


Shaun Kaba said...

i don't know who you are but you are the uggliest person i have seen in a really long time :/
pippa you do look amazing! was this for Sarah's?
I really liek your blog pip! help me tomorrow I don't understand!
i love you xx

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