Outfit Post...Finally!

Outfit Post...Finally!

On saturday, I had a day off work! Finally!!!
Therefore a day trip to Lakeside shopping centre and Ikea seemed like a perfect idea! We went to Ikea looking for a new massive mirror covered cupboard. I was in love with half of the ones there but in the end we couldn't get the main one I wanted due to the delivery costing an extra £160! This one had three main compartments each with long mirrors on the front, the first section was a half length hanging space with draws on the bottom, the second was a simple long length hanging section and the third was another half length with a shoe section at the bottom. It was gorgeous! 

Now this dress is a bit of a shocker, I bet you cant guess where it's from...

PRIMARK for £7.99. I was so shocked when my mum picked it up. I was walking around this three story Primark and finding nothing except from simple stretch fit long sleeve coloured tee shirts due to this cold and miserable weather recently, then suddenly something good came from the trip!

After this, my day got better.
I went to a place called Choices that typically sold brands such as Juicy Couture and Lipsy etc, but within the 70% off sale, I found a lovely red and black Motel Rocks dress for £16!
The only problem is that I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with Motel Rocks and I already have a blue very similar version of this dress! I wore this out a while ago and everyone commented on it saying it was lovely, so for £16 I couldn't really say no! Could I?? :)

Thirdly this dress is from a shop called Ms Butterfly and it was only £10! I would want to try to find a long sleeved navy top that is the same colour as the top section of the dress, as I sometimes prefer having long sleeves and legs out instead of arms and legs on show! Although the only problem is that I dont know what belt to wear with it as the white ribbon isn't included! The pattern colours are blue and a sort of cream/yellow colour so therefore I either go for the navy colour or the creamy colour. Im not one for radical fashion clashes of colours so I need some advice! The dress definitely needs a belt so please comment below with your suggestions!


Also loving the newest boohoo collection at the moment, although I am slightly concerned about the level of quality. Anyway love this...

Also Amy Lee from my previous post has finally started her blog so PLEASE follow her so that she can get her name known!!! http://amyleepledgerphotography.blogspot.com


LyddieGal said...

The gingham dress is adorable! I think it would be so cute with a yellow belt.

Sarah said...

that second dress is really cute!

Paint it Black said...

I totally agree a yellow or gold belt would look amazing cute dress.
Seems that you had a good shopping trip and I am finding Primark a little boring at the moment too hopefully it will pick up soon. xoxo

Ulrika said...

Lovely dresses, think the third one is my fav. xxx

Laura Demetriou said...

Love Primark, what a bargain! Choice is awesome, they sell old Next items too for next to nothing, glad you got some bargains.

and I know what cabinet yuo mean, I loved that one too but it was a case of having nowhere to put it!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

I love the Primark dress, I was so tempted when I saw it in there the other day! I want it now. Them Motel dresses were a bit of a bargin too :)

daisychain said...

I love the primark dress, it looks amazing on you

Anonymous said...

all of these dresses are gorgeous!
and no worries, i always buy similar versions of things i already have- if you'll wear it alot, why not?

Danielle Barbe said...

thank you! i'm glad you liked ghost town!

loving the different dresses on you. especially the first one!


Siru said...

Beautiful dresses!

juliet xxx

Lucy O'Brien said...

So happy u posted that primark dress..iv been trying to find a nice floral dress for ages,definatley purchasing it next week!(even better that its primark)

Katerina Kazia said...

Beautiful outfits! espescially the third one!

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