Shopping Overboard :)

Shopping Overboard :)

So I got a £25 gift voucher for ASOS online, and need some advice on what to get for my money :) I didnt know whether I wanted clothes, a bag, shoes or accessories...but thats what you lot are for :) With the tops, Im trying to stick to the general colours that are meant to be coming in over Spring/Summer so nudes and pale colours...now they may not all seem pale on the models, but on me the case is different!
ASOS Cornelli Trim Top - ASOS Crochet Trim Top

ASOS Ruffle Back Vest Top - ASOS Longline Lace Trim Sweat Top
ASOS FREDDY Leather Knot Front Sandal

ASOS Envelope Slouch Double Chain Bag in the style of Jessica Parker

What do you all think?? Opinions would be great!
This is just a small sample of things that stood out to me :)

Also LOVING Natalia Vodianova right now. Especially since she appeared on Jonathon Ross  on friday night. She is an amazing mother by the sounds of it and she manages to care for everyone around her whilst being a super model and style icon.
The 28 year old has had three children and still has a stunning body.
How does being a model affect your style?
"Being a model created my style. I wasn’t aware of fashion before I started working, so my inspiration comes from the clothes I’ve worn and people I’ve met"- Love this :)


Charlie said...

LOVING the two ASOS tops on the right, so in love with ASOS right now! ♥


H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Ohhh I love the ruffle back top, and those sandals! I'm really pale but I think pales colours actually look better on us than darker skinned - I may be the only one who does! But it just looks much more 'fashiony' and way more interesting... if that makes sense?! Don't you just love how I completely made up a word there? haha



The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow love this post! along with everyother! ADORE your blog and am now bookmarking it! such an inspiration :)
hope you can stop by mine sometime

xox wow love your items

Brandi said...

Ugh, I so need a shopping trip soon. I've been on what feels like the longest hiatus ever. And I might just start with that pink ruffle top...

Ulrika said...

Love the crochet trim top and the sweat top!xxx

FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post!!! xx

X said...

I'd love to help you but I honestly cannot decide :D
I love the bag, the shirts and the shoes. Though maybe I'd buy one of the shirts...

Jenn said...

I'm in love with the slouchy purse! So cute. Gahh! I can't wait for spring and this post is making it harder :)


Charly said...

Loovee the sandals!perfect for when it gets a bit warmer, and I loved Natalia on Jonathon Ross tooo how the hell does she have such a gd figure after 3 kids tho!xxx

daisychain said...

I reckon the bag and the lace trim sweater are what I'd go for. I hate trying to shop on ASOS, purely because there is just SO much choice I can never make my mind up!

hewnly said...

Thirst in the right! and shoes ;>

Rory Clinton Gascoigne said...

ASOS Longline Lace Trim Sweat Top. Your kind of thing and you look very good in that sort of stuff.

p.s. I'm also here to steal from you.

Emma x said...

I love the shoes and that bag too. I loved Natalia on Jonathon Ross too, she seems so nice and so so gorgeous x

Unknown said...

ah, she's gorgeous!
and i love that ruffle back top :)

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