Outfit Post!

Outfit Post!

I know that I haven't been blogging much recently! TRUST ME I feel terrible!!! :| So today I have decided to do an outfit post because I felt especially nice in what I wore today! Simply because it is NEW clothes :)

Topshop Light wash jeggins - £22
Next Cream waisted top - £12
NEW Topshop SALE Pink/Red Cardigan - £12
NEW Topshop SALE Silver/Grey Flower Necklace - £8 (half price!)
And if you are interested...FCUK glasses :)

And AS PROMISED...my new hair cut :) Hope you all like it as much as I do!
Especially as it is in the style of the gorgeous...Jessica Stroup from 90210!


MsHark said...

this outfit is great and I LOVE your haircut AND your hair color! Its soo pretty!

from: http://notjustanotherblondeinbeijing.blogspot.com

Emma x said...

You look so cute, and your hair looks beautiful. Thanks for the lovely comment btw xxx

Lia said...

Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL!!
Really! I love it:)

I'm lia in Straberry Fields but I've changed my blog: thefeatherbrained.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

LOVE the neglace!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for checking out and commenting on my blog! Your outfit and new hair is really cute. Love the big flower/necklace! I would normally pass on that big of an accessory (thinking it would make me look silly), but you make it look really good!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Your new haircutis definitely chic and I love the cream shirt you got!! :)

Charlie said...

love the flower, so beautiful!

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Elizabeth, Delightfully Tacky said...

That cardigan is such a great color, and your hair looks lovely!

Thanks for the wonderful comment, by the way. I take all my own photos, so it's nice to hear people like them!

Julie said...

I love that cardie, the colour is gorgeous.

And you really suit your new hairstyle!


Heart Charlie said...

I love that big flower with the bright cardigan! So beautiful ;)

julianne. said...

thise outfit is so adorable.
i love it!
and i llllove your hair.
its perfect! <3

Crystal Soriano said...

Thank you, and I luv ur outfit!

Marie said...

That's a cute outfit!:D I love the red cardigan with the gray flower necklace.:D

Haircut is cute too.:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

That Girl Lucy said...

aww thankyou so much!
i love your hair, so cute :)
and gorgeous outfit

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Your looks amazing hun :) & u look as stunning as always! I love the flower necklace is gorgeous

Reverie de Paris said...

your hair looks lovely, really suit it.

Love the necklace too ... Topshop sales always have some good bargains :D x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love the new hair, really suits you! That necklace is such a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Love your new haircut and i LOVE that necklace...

from the comment on my blog, I got the jacket+white top from FOREVER21!
No one would ever guess ;-)

Have a good day! :-)


Anna Katrina said...

you look adorable i love your hair and your outfit!

Anna Katrina

Unknown said...

Your hair looks gorgeous, great cut.
And cute outfit, love the red on you.
X x

daisychain said...

Dont apologise hun!

You look divine x

Unknown said...

love that dress and your hair looks gorge xxxx

EilidhPie said...

You hair is lovely! it really suits you :)

love the colour of your cardi too! x

Emily said...

LOVE that outfit so much! Too dang cute. :)

Tessa Rose said...

Thanks Pip! :) Love your new haircut too, it really suits you :) And love that flower - half price too, lucky girl! xxx


Olivia said...

Love the outfit! Especially the flower necklace xx

Eveliina said...

As the batch says, you are A Beautiful Blogger, indeed!

Hey, you didn't participate the actual giveaway, so you just have to make a second visit ;P here

xoxo, prefecta

Bethnal Green said...

Your hair is BUFF xx

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute cute.

Serina Paris said...

Love that sweater of yours!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness..
this is SO CUTE!
i love the flower!
and the color of your cardigan!!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Your hair is amazing, I love the cut and your color is so pretty. Beautiful necklace :)

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Red is your colour!!

Looking fab as always!

Kat said...

LOve the combination of red and black!
And your haircut's so cool!You look beautiful!

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